Very cool, well-priced product!

First post.

This excellent product reminds me of the Mars Opportunity Rover–they keep it alive and continuously improve it with software updates–maybe even make it do things it was never meant to do and certainly extend its life by well-beyond its expected initial life duration.

One glaring issue, though, that could be fixed in a jiffy. If it’s stolen, so goes the SD Card with all the evidence and long event recordings.

If you guys (Wyze) could make the cloud storage longer per clip and shorten the storage duration that would be great! From what I’ve seen, folks are VERY willing to pay for these storage services too. Perhaps you could have a couple of “plans” to offer, and put a little jingle in your pockets at the same time! ; )

Thanks for a great product!


Even if Wyze doesn’t want to deal with expanded/paid cloud hosting I would like to see the ability to upload longer alerts or periodic backups to Dropbox/Google Drive/Amazon Drive/FTP.

As it is right now I have a cheap Amazon Fire 7 tablet ($30) running Tinycam Monitor Pro ($3.99) acting as an NVR with continuous recording to my NAS (FTP). My NAS also backs up to the cloud. It’s definitely a roundabout way of doing it, but it’s cost effective and gives me the flexibility to use the product the way I want.

David, this is something that’s under consideration. I’ve added your vote to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

Indeed. Called on a Wednesday for product info and set up that weekend in Florida. Three v2’s and one Pan working great so far.

I have had variable connectivity issues while attempting to view via cell service only but two thousand miles away now and connection is absolutely superb on WiFi. Picture quality is excellent.

Gonna try one under a covered porch this winter out here in CO where temps get down below zero frequently…swirling snow may be an issue…perhaps you’ll get a certified outdoor one by then…I’ll update…