Thanks to the folks at Wyze

It is exceedingly rare in this day and age that a technology company ( or any other type of consumer company honestly ) provides their customers with greater value add to a product they already own with no expectation of payment.

My Wyze cameras do more, have more features, and a better more stable app now than when I bought them. And without artificially requiring me to purchase a “newer” version of the hardware.

Thank you for treating your customers like people and not a pay check. I for one will not hesitate to recommend Wyze and it’s products to anyone. Great product, great support, and all backed by a great company! Thank you!


Robert Porter


Thank you, Robert! We’re happy that you’re enjoying your Wyze experience. You definitely just made my day so I’ll share this with the rest of the team to make everyone smile. Thanks for being part of our community and for writing this lovely message to us. :blush:


I am so with you Robert !!.. Im a new Wyzer and am totally blown away with service and technical support. Wyze should be the defacto model for all…


Aww… Thanks, VrroomDog! :smiley:

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Im in the same boat… I bought my first cam a while ago… I now own 6 wyze cams, 1 wyze pan and 3 new sense kits (9 total sensors). I cant wait until I can have the sensors act on a decide like a light switch (through smart things, ifttt etc). If these little guys get ST integration its all over :slight_smile: .