I love Wyze!

I just want to tell everyone at Wyze that that I love Wyze and the cameras that I have.

They are affordable
Easy setup
They are easy to use
Great app
Flexible interactions
Great community
Great video
Can speak through the app
Indoor and outdoor
SD option
Cloud for notifications

I have other cameras that were installed by a security company and Wyze beats those in so many ways.

I hope you all give us a chance to invest in your company some day. This is one of the best new products since sliced bread!.

I bought 4 after reading a camera comparison online somewhere.
I was so impressed that I got 2 more and now I am going to get 4 more.

Anyway, I love your product. Thank you so much for your vision and dedication to this project.

Thank you very much.

Very sincerely,

Angie Hatfield


Wyze needs fans AND skeptics - though probably more of the former than the latter! :wink: Cheers!


I also enjoy using the Wyze cams, No need to pay subscription fees to the other security company’s, I found Wyze by following Dave Crosby and his daughter Clair, If that family is any example of how the Wyze company operates then Wyze is going to be around till Sun burns out…Keep up the good work.
Joseph Matherly