Their grass looks greener 👀

A competitor was recommended discreetly over here:

I did a quick lookup and had to laugh at the reviews at the top of the list:



Like Longdog sez :point_down:

  :telescope: :grin: :microscope:

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Is there a standout comparison of Wyze and its competitors that you’re aware of?

I’m not looking to jump ship but a comprehensive comparison of cams and services would be interesting. :slight_smile:

We typically don’t do this sort of thing as our competitors come out with new/different cameras all the time so it would be hard to maintain the list.

Probably not the answer you’re hoping for haha, but it’s the truth. HOWEVER, if someone wanted to make one and maintain it…, I’d be willing to think about putting it out on our site with some vetting.


Never had a single problem with kuna. And the grass really IS greener on the other side!

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Oh yeah, my ‘had to laugh’ remark was because the complaints were similar enough to some that have been posted here over the years you could almost call them ‘generic.’

Wyze is hardly a devil but I know them well and I have near-zero motive to dally. I’m of the opinion lately that I’ve been underestimating the value they offer because I use only a small subset of it and am plenty happy.

I don’t have a passion for this surveillance stuff and I hate that it’s trending toward ‘necessity.’ :man_shrugging:

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gotta love it. :+1:

What are they putting in your Cheerios? I need me some of that. :grin:

Trouble =

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:laughing: …competent people of good will and good faith speaking the truth.