What made you choose Wyze Cam?

With so many different types of home cameras on the market, what made you choose Wyze Cam over the others?


I read about their features on the Engadget and Cnet sites and then there is the $20 cost. After receiving my first batch, I was convinced

Cost, versatility in mounting (although I was surprised when I got it to find it was not as stable as expected), 1080p (although I don’t feel that the nighvision or digital zoom measure up now that I have seen them), Cost, free cloud storage, the company story and their approach (although you can read my other thread about how I have soured on this point), and did I mention cost (I wanted substantial coverage and I couldn’t get it on a reasonable budget with many options).

20 bucks (plus another 10 for the SD card)


Pheromones dude. It was the pheromones… WYZEnd

(sexy camera sexy price, and it works, mostly)


I had been wanting to try a petcam for a while, but not wanting to spend $200+ to find out if the dog sleeps on the chair or the sofa while I am gone.

I liked the features* Wyze offered at the price point, so I bought one.

I thought the camera was great from day one. I had found the forum, watched the YouTube videos, and really liked that it was a small company with a stated focus on customer support (and that appeared to be the case); so I ordered another camera about a week later. The second camera had issues, but the company took care of it in a satisfactory way, so I ordered a third camera the day after getting #2 replaced.




*motion notifications, cloud storage w/o subscription fee, android app with live viewing, night vision, aesthetic and functional enclosure, easy setup

There is so little going on with my dogs when I’m not home (they sleep mostly-who knew? Everybody) and so little happening outside that I’m considering moving to a more threatening neighborhood. The dog park needs a clandestine security camera (& a wifi network? and a power source, solar/battery).

Now I’m thinking about what Spielbergian thing can I do with these cubes that I can’t do with my Cannon Coolpix, or Iphone 6. My best idea was to face 2 cams together with motion detection turned on, flip my finger between them and hope to start a pixel war (much like what happens when 2 mirrors face each other), but nada. What if I place 2 cubes facing in opposite direction between 2 mirrors facing each other. If you don’t hear from me again, it probably worked and I’ve fallen thru a rip in the fabric of time/space. Call my wife (I haven’t told her about what I’m doing)…

performance, price


Saw it just after launching and placed an order to test it out. I liked the price point for the options available and had been underwhelmed by other cameras that near the price point of this camera. I was glad to place an order when they were still “pre-orders” originally and received it quickly because after that the publicity blew up and stock kept going out!