Thank you

Well now, as a more than part time contributor to various Wyze forums, I’ve had ample opportunity to pat the team on the back and put a boot to their butts… This post is one of congratulatory nature… Every camera and sensor (and I have a bunch) are working and not only are they working but they are working better than they ever have before. Seeing as how the technicians don’t visit the forums to toot their own horn, let this be officially noted as a giant “Atta Boy” for Wyze. Thank you so much and keep up the work, something will always break.


Other than the increase in occasional “no fragment” errors… I’ll 2nd that, especially the improvements under iOS. And I’m loving my Cam Plus results so far. thumbsup

@WyzeGwendolyn… plz pass kudos on to the Team for a job well done! thumbsup2


I am with you to thank Wyze for the last firmware and application (iOS) updates. It had been 3 months since Wyze had done something wrong and my cameras weren’t working as before. Now I am very happy they have fixed these issues. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

***I only have cams (11). No other stuff from Wyze.


Yup, persistence and patience seemed to have paved the way


Aww… Thanks, everyone! I’ll share this thread with the team so they get the benefit of the warm fuzzies. :slight_smile: