IOS update V2.12.30 july 27 2020👍

I have done many rants in the past 3 months about issues. Now it’s time to show my satisfaction.


After yesterday’s firmware update, this morning, there is an application update for iOS. Wow…When we are in a group, the cams auto switch to HD very fast, lower than 1 second. The access time for cams are also very fast. The application is faster now🙂 I can say that the respond of cams in grouping are very fast. Faster playback access time. It has taken 3 months to resolve this big issue that Wyze had created an bothered me a lot.

In a word, what an improvement. THANK YOU @WyzeTeam

I have 8 V2 and 3 Pans. Everything is working well.

Issues described in post 10: A Fair Assessment? - #10 by gyzmo

Back on grouping cams again🙂

Edit: No problems with Windscribe VPN.


After 3 days, no issues. The only little glitch is with Pan cam. When you pan, it detects a motion event. Before the last firmware update, it didn’t do it. I think they have forgotten to disable the motion sensor when you pan the cam.