Wyze App 2.12 and Wyze Bulb Firmware Released! - 7/29/20

Wyze app 2.12 and Wyze Bulb firmware are releasing today! This has bug fixes as well as new features like Sleep Routines and Reconnect button for if Wyze Bulb goes offline, fitness app integrations, and more!

Learn more in our Release Notes:


Just updated the Wyze app and I now I show as no devices?? I’ve been redownloading and signing out and back in. Also I downloaded the beta app and the same thing happens after downloading the new Wyze app.

Could you please send in a log and tell me the log number? That is really strange and I’d like to look into it. Are your devices still missing?

Yes I will make a log right now. I have no devices on my account right now.

(Copy paste of my previous post)

I have done many rants in the past 3 months about issues. Now it’s time to show my satisfaction.


After yesterday’s firmware update, this morning, there is an application update for iOS. Wow…When we are in a group, the cams auto switch to HD very fast, lower than 1 second. The access time for cams are also very fast. The application is faster now🙂 I can say that the respond of cams in grouping are very fast. Faster playback access time. It has taken 3 months to resolve this big issue that Wyze had created and that bothered me a lot.

In a word, what an improvement. Don’t touch anything😜 THANK YOU.

I have 8 V2 and 3 Pans. Everything is working well.

Past issues described in post 10: A Fair Assessment?

Back on grouping cams again!:+1:

Edit: No problems with Windscribe VPN.


Log number 29690


Agreed, seems much quicker. Six v2’s here, three of them in a group.

Edit: iPad OS here


I have just recreated my two groups: Inside and outside cams. Live viewing in thumbnails for all my cams. Very :smiley:.


There’s (what I assume is) a localization issue with the Google Fit integration. Under “…” > “Health Data Integration” > “Google fit”, the button at the bottom has two states “Unauthorized” and “Authorize”, so it’s kind of hard to tell what pressing the button will do and whether you’re currently authorized. Wyze is definitely authorized on my Google Fit, so I assume this is just a case of unclear strings.

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Glad to hear this is mostly going well for folks! :grin:

@jls4wheeler, I’m pretty sure I saw you speaking with someone else but I’ll make sure and will send your log number over.

@gyzmo and @milehiguy, awesome! Thanks so much for letting me know that your groups are working better now! :smiley:

@pmbarrett314, thanks for the info! I’ll share it with the team.


Thank you. Yes I have been speaking with @TinaC but unfortunately I’m still experiencing this issues…

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I’m really sorry about that. It definitely sounds frustrating and we’ll do what we can to get you up and running again.

Thank you so much!

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Old app 2.11.41 running on Fire 8 HD tablet , liked to crash , new app 2.12.30 is running good on that device


You’re welcome! Please keep me posted about this. I’m invested in your ability to use your Wyze devices!

I will keep you and the Wyze community updated on this! Hoping to see a fix soon :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! :heart:


After the massive firmware and app updates late today I had a couple of problems.
I noticed my door sensors were not registering. I had to unplug/replug the Wyze Sensor Bridges on a V2 and a Pan Cam to get them back working (just rebooting the cameras did not work). I also have several motion sensors in closets set to turn on Wyze Bulbs when they detect motion (and off after they stop motion). I am assuming I will have to do the same to the one that runs my mailbox tomorrow when it is daylight. I did my firmware update from the Account button on the main screen where you can update them all at once (Bulbs, cameras, bridges, etc). Also two of my pan cameras lost their home positions. I had to go into the Detection zone and “re-home” them (re-do the detection zone).
It could have been because of the order the app did the firmware updates in (it looked like it just blasted all the devices at once)!
Also I forgot to add that I noticed all the Pan Cams required a second round of firmware updates (first try failed).

The Mailbox door sensor did not require the attached sensor bridge to be re-seated! This one was hard to get to, so I was glad I did not have to do it!

OK, so I’ve had a couple of bulbs (2/5) go offline occasionally. It’s the same two bulbs. Sometimes they go back online by themselves after a while (up to a week) but I usually power cycle them when I can. What does it mean for a bulb to go offline and why does this happen in an not entirely random manner?

I’m glad to see that this has been “fixed” but it would be nice to know a little more about this. Thanks.