A Fair Assessment?

Hello @WyzeJasonJ,

Since de update on april 21 (2.10.62), when your cams are in groups, there is the delay before viewing your cam in HD. When you click a thumbnail, the view is in 360P with a message « please wait ». After 2-12 secongs the cam auto switch in HD. If I change the view in landscape, the view freeze frequently.

When the cam is not in group, when you click on it, the live view is directly in HD…no waiting time, no freezing etc…

First video: without groups.

Second video: With groups. The issues…

Also, with grouping, the bitrate of the playback is aroud 30% lower than not in groups. Without groupings, the bitrate are the same. The quality of the playback in groups is lower than the one without groups. I did not made a video of this issue.

Another issue is the access time for the playback. Before the update, it was around 2-3 seconds, after the update, 7-10 seconds. After that time, if you go back in the playback, it takes 4-5 seconds at each step for the first 4 back steps. After, if you go further in the same playback, no waiting time.

All those issues are probably related to each other’s.

I have those problems with my 2 iPhones 6+ and my iPad mini5(A12). My router is a linksys EA-9500 and I have a gigabyte connection. The speeds at my phones are 180Mb/s and 400Mb/s to my iPad. These issues are on ALL my cams(7v2-3pans). The videos in this reply are from my iPhone.

EVERYTHING WAS WORKING FINE before the april 21 iOS software update.(2.10.62)

I remember, last year, after an application update, the grouping had issues. Wyze has released an update to correct that a few days later. Didn’t have issues with grouping later. There was another update after april 21 (2.10.72) but I have the same issues with groups**

To WYZE: it will be good to have the choice for the applications. One for camera only(WYZE CAM) and one for cams plus all your stuff.(WYZE THINGS). I don’t want to deal with all the issues that your new stuff brings to me.