Is Wyze growing too fast? Quality problems: v3 pro, MacOS app, Support

Hi all

This could come off as a hate rant. Really, not intended that way. There are areas for improvement.

The v3 pro has been nothing but problems. Ordered a 2 pack. Pulled down an existing v2 pan. Pulled down an existing v3. Put the v3 pro in those 2 locations. Flakey just begins to describe the problems. Errors 13, 67, and 90. They just quit without an error. Support is replacing both of them and they are in route. My network is all Ubiquiti and there are no wifi problems with any other device. Both v3 pros are within 12 feet of an access point. Only 1 wall between them.

The MacOS app is so bug-ridden. It appears to just be a mobile app released in the Mac store, with all the mobile limitations. I just don’t want to invest a lot more time with the descriptions. Too much time invested already.

Support. Oh, my. It is a struggle to communicate in English. Then I get an email asking for much of the same information. They ask me to repeat the steps I’ve already taken. They are just reading from a script.

I respond to a rating request and give it 2 stars. I get an email reply that says “Read the Full Thread”. Follow that link and I just get the v3 pro page on the Wyze site. Sheesh. Where is the testing? Frustrated.

If anyone at Wyze cares, contact me. I have so much time invested already …

Meanwhile, I’m going to look for some more reliable cameras. These now fall into the “hobbyist” category and not reliable enough for a security system. I had hopes. And I was an early adopter of the v1.

Wishing you the best,


I hear you about their support, it’s terrible! I don’t believe Wyze tests their products much if any prior to release and certainly release the software buggy each and every time. But they sure spend a lot of money on funny advertising videos, while most of their products either don’t do what they claim and are misrepresented in the product photos.


Same thing here. They are buggy as Hell. The picture quality is great, but I’m beginning to suspect definite firmware issues with these. (Mainly because they continue to record to my SD even when the cam goes out.)

I got them to replace 2 regular Wyze Cam v3. I had no issue with either, I just wanted the 2K video. Now I’m considering putting the old ones back up.

Can someone at Wyze please push out a firmware update.

Hey folks, get your frustrations. Remember, this is a user-to-user forum. No Wyze staff here, unless someone invites them or they just stumble around. Any issues you have, please be specific with camera model, firmware version, app version and OS, and someone will try to help you out. Don’t expect money back guarantee, we’re all here on our own time. You don’t like it-take it with Wyze Support and hope they’ll help you out.

So, let’s start from beginning and one person at the time :slight_smile:

Howdy @Resist

Got it. I must admit to high frustration levels dealing with the issues. Also, thought some of the Wyze folks might troll this asset. If I were a Wyze Prod Mgr … :slight_smile:

An update … the 2 warranty v3 pros have arrived. I’ll get them installed on the weekend and hope to have more detailed information after that effort. Hope to have GOOD news.

Thanks for the gentle guidance. My best to you!

Ok maybe things others here now know, but Wyze support told me cam v3Pros don’t support Google hub live video viewing (found this one out after replacing older v3 cams), don’t work with the Wyze light sockets (maybe socket supply current limitations and no control firmware) and don’t live stream to Wyze’s own web portal for their cloud services (replays do work just not live).
The cam v3 Pro product manager should be ashamed. This is certainly no “Pro” version.

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