Fair is Fair - Wyze does the right thing

So those that have read my previous posts know that I am a staunch critic of Wyze Labs. I now have 7 cameras (6x V1 and 1x V2). The V2 was a revelations. Easy install (on the first try and fast too). The initial firmware upgrade was fast and on the first attempt (surprised).

But what I am writing about is the V1s, of course. 3 of my V1s showed noticeable improvements with the newest firmware upgrade (beta) to the point that they stay connected for long periods of streaming, I can access playback features and so on. I would call them usable, although every now and then they do disconnect during streaming or struggle to connect on the first try.

The other three V1s were still woefully underperforming. They were 2-3 beta firmwares behind and wouldn’t connect long enough to upgrade the firmware (I really want to rant about the firmware upgrade animation and how meaningless it is - doesn’t actually show progress but is simply a time out clock, but that is another thread). After 30+ attempts on each camera, this Saturday, they finally got their firmware updates. All good… right? No, they still had the same connectivity issues. When they did connect, they dropped that connection in 1-3 seconds, meaning a reconnect… for 1-3 seconds and so on. Not good for streaming, for reviewing videos via playback or so on.

This is where I put my foot down with Wyze. Having seen the improvements in V2, and knowing that the hardware upgrades did more than improve image quality, I thought it only appropriate to ask that my 3x non-functioning V1s be replaced with V2s that have been shown to lack the persistent connectivity woes that have plagued V1. To my surprise, and to their credit, Wyze Labs has agreed to replace the 3x non-functioning V1s with V2s *under warranty no less. As I said before in my long thread, this is the right thing. Replacing non-functioning equipment with suspect equipment (read V1s) would be wrong, but that is not what has happened.

IMHO, this is a good sign for Wyze Labs, one that points to a conscientious stance toward customers and one that will serve them well. Now if the next step is adding true geofencing to the firmware/app. Still have my workaround (WeMo), but that isn’t without its pitfalls either.



I just feel sad that you’ve had so many connectivity issues! I’m hoping these v2 replacements will be a great fix for those troublesome v1s you had!

IF these 3 V2s are anything like the one I got last week, there should be no issues. I will have to shift things around to put the V2s where I need security and the V1s in locations that are for kitty monitoring only. The boys are watching me now, they know I am writing about them.

I had similar issues when I purchased/tried to use two version 1 cams. I toiled for a week trying to get them to work, but both were completely unreliable. They would not stay connected, and required me to reinstall each numerous times… but nothing could get them functional. After a LOT of complaining, They refunded my money, and I threw the cameras in the trash.


I just recently decided to give the version 2 cameras a try (they have shipped and are en-route as I write this). I am hopeful that my second experience with WyzeCam will be far more positive than the first.

I feel your pain. Only having one V2 right now, I can’t speak with any resounding authority, but my experience from install to first firmware upgrade and both local and remote connections tells me that the hardware in V2s produces more stable connections with higher transfer rates than V1s. The better image quality is a bonus but not really the primary reason I feel V2s are the solution to many buyers’ issues with V1s.

I placed the order last Thursday morning. I’d been holding off because the website always said “Shipping in X-X weeks” and who knows what that means. On Thursday morning I checked, and the website said “in stock”, so I placed the order. According the the tracking information they are suppose to be delivered this Thursday. I received the shipping email this past Monday morning.