Wyze Told The Truth!

Old Wyze must be doing something right. Millions of customers, two active “Wyze Lied!!!” forum threads, and they are both meritless wastes of time. It’s amusing.

Wyze might not always be forthcoming (surprise products, endless dance for wishlist items) but they are pretty darned good.

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Clearly you’re a fanboy of Wyze. I on the other hand hold no loyalty to any company and will call them out when they screw up. But I guess you enjoy the long wait times for customer service and the constant software issues. Wzye still hasn’t fixed issues with their Band product and they haven’t fixed the V2 camera IR lights coming on by themselves issue. Oh and not to mention they released the V3 camera without the motion sensor detection grid, which is something everyone wanted and finally got for their V2 cameras. Wyze either doesn’t have enough software engineers or they’re just lacking good engineers.

It amazes me that you can’t see what Wyze is doing. I’m all for a company to grow and be successful but growing too quickly ends in poor product quality and even product Wyze makes has issues. Clearly they just want to increase their revenue so they can sell the company, just make their millions and dash.


If I don’t have any major issues I experience no wait times. I’ve never once had to call or email support in the two years I’ve being using the products.

I don’t have the band but the IR lights on my 3 V2s stay off when I turn them off.

I wouldn’t consider this a screw up. It’s simply a feature that has yet to be implemented. I would rather they release the grid for the V2s early rather than have to wait for the V3 implementation. They also could have left the V2 alone with the old single box type detection forever and only added the new detection to the V3. Would that make this a non issue?

Well, many of us are having the IR lights V2 camera issue and Wyze even acknowledged the issue and said they were going to release a fix but still haven’t.

This issue only happens when the camera is turned off. When it’s turned back on the IR light also turn on, even though they show off in the settings.

My cameras all restart via rule once every day and I haven’t see this behavior. Perhaps it is not that widespread? I’ve seen the occasional report here and in the Facebook group about this issue but certainly not enough to think it affects the majority of users.

I’ve never called or contacted Wyze support in any way. I’ve never had to. There are lots of problems with the equipment but I’m capable enough to deal with them. This forum has been a good resource. Calling me names is a sign of weak-headedness. I’ve been largely critical of most Wyze products. My feeds drop frequently and the SD cards are useless. I’ve looked disapprovingly on most of their diversified line and said so repeatedly. Kindly try to be less stupid. In fact the only thing that makes me happy are the Alexa person announcement features.

Anyway, the only point of this thread was to poke fun at the other two. :wink:

Yeah, because when someone is having issues with a product they paid for they want someone coming in to make fun of them.

BTW, there are more threads than two. I guess you missed them.

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I waa referring to two specific threads with “Lied” in the title. Both are pointless in my individual opinion, and deserving of mockery. You are more than welcome to reference others you feel are equally pointless, and/or to start your own threads sympathetic to them. Go for it.

Also, they are NOT having issues. They are overreacting and their concerns are misplaced. Kinda the whole point, man.

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Oh so it’s okay for you mock someone for expressing their issues with Wyze but when someone does it to you, then it’s not okay. SMH

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I believe the point and why you have met with ridicule is your insistence that someone lied to you, when in fact it is your ignorance of IOT and unwillingness to understand that a cloud service and the internet are two different things. It doesn’t help that you consistently misspell WYZE on a public forum for WYZE.

WYZE should not encourage this behavior. I only just now noticed the mutil threads made of this.

Clearly it is one person who created multiple form accounts to troll and post their anger and misinformation.

But all they do is just edit out certain sentences they deem not according to their guidelines, but, yet the whole thing is against the same rules.

Being a internet form mod for over 12yrs myself, you should never let this behavior go on, remove and ban the users that create these rants. This particular form system has good tools to detect and track such offenders that try to cheat the system by making multiple accounts to post with.


How am I misspelling Wyze for Wyze? lol