Extremely dissatisfied with Wyze customer service; However, after 2.5 weeks it was made right and corrected

Two weeks ago my 1st of 12 Wyze Camera’s stopped working, this camera was purchased in December of 2018. I reached out to customer support and without question they offered to replace the camera, this was two weeks ago.

I got the order confirmation and the shipping address was WRONG. I reached back out and never heard back from the person who ordered the camera. Three e-mails later and no response. The next day I chat with someone from order support and they assured me the address was correct; however, when I got the updated order it was WRONG again and she never responded to my follow up e-mails. Then on Friday I reached out and they told me to ignore the confirmation as the address was correct.

Two weeks passed by and no camera so today I checked in and wouldn’t you know the address is WRONG and now they are sending me a new camera. I told them not to bother as this afternoon I threw out all the cameras and ordered Nest.

Money isn’t as important as being reliable for security.

Also, I tracked the order today and it was delivered to the WRONG address!


That is too bad -

Immediate replacement without question.
1 camera out of 12 after 5 months.
Are you buying 12 Nest replacement cams? A quick Google shows 3 Nest cams for ~$400. So 12 would be about $1,600.

I recently bought the max Wyze cams they sell on line (7) for $157.17 w/ shipping.
So for $1.600 one could get 70 Wyze cams, in 10 orders.
I could put 2 cameras in every window and get stereo.

I would have cut them some slack and waited for the camera.

I bet someone else would have liked the 11 you threw away.

/edit - and remember shipping takes time - we just had a holiday.


Money isn’t as important as being reliable for security.

Also, I tracked the order today and it was delivered to the WRONG address!


Consumer level cameras like Nest, Ring, Wyze etc. are not reliable for security.
They are like a squirt gun for security when one is riding around Mosul in a Stryker.


I have Ring and it has worked flawlessly for three years.

Please don’t defend Wyze here as the camera broke and customer service ignored 5 follow-ups from me to adjust the wrong address they entered.

After customer service finally got back to me they lied and said the address was correct; however, I got a delivery tracking confirmation yesterday it was delivered to the wrong address 1420 miles away.


Customer Service has been excellent for me. Prompt replies and accurate information.


Sorry to hear :frowning: . I think for most people the experience with Wyze has been great, but that doesn’t change your bad support experience and I can understand the frustration. Response times from support are typically long and that’s something I hope Wyze is working to improve, especially on active replacement orders that may be time-sensitive.

Having worked in a support role I can tell you that sometimes things don’t go as planned and the customer experience falls far short of the acceptable standards. Sometimes it’s just one person who missed something or had a bad day, other times the perfect storm of coincidence and bad luck seem to conspire against one case. The support team’s job is to have processes in place to catch or prevent the former and mitigate the damage from the latter.

Thanks for sharing about your experience even if it wasn’t a good one. I think it’s important to hear praise from all the satisfied customers, but allow dissatisfied customers to voice concerns that will hopefully motivate Wyze Support to reach for a higher standard.


You threw away 11 working WYZE cameras? Man, I would have purchased them from you.

Also, since you say you had 12 WYZE cameras, welcome to the forum. I noticed your customer service post was your first post. And you just joined the forum yesterday.

I wish you would have posted something earlier … the odds are this group could have helped you trouble shoot your problems. Also, a number of WYZE employees hang out here on the forum. If you reported your problem’s tracking number, they would also have helped.

As I said, I would have purchased your cameras. It’s a shame you threw away 11 working cameras.

Your customer service experience is NOT TYPICAL for 99% of WYZE customers.


Hey @thequietman44 , do you happen to know roughly what percentage of customers (in the home electronics space) when the gizmo doesn’t instantly sing/dance as expected just set-aside-and-forget or pack-up-for-return the gizmo without ever seeking customer support of any kind?

If there isn’t an industry metric you’re aware of, what would be your guess?

p.s. I have seen my extended family do the former more than the latter.

This is called “commitment-to-rejection” - the polar opposite of “commitment-to-adoption.” :wink:

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I have been a customer since December 2018 and was very satisfied with all the cameras, even-though one stopped working things happen and I don’t blame Wyze; however, I do blame Wyze for incompetent customer service as I reached out to them five times about the address and every time I was told the address was correct…

This is not about non-responsive customer service, it is about incompetent customer service… nevertheless, I really liked your response… Thank You!


I think the hyperbole (if it was hyperbole - did you literally trash the working cams?) in combo with your new status on the forum set off a suspicion that you might be the agent of a competitor trashing the brand.


Yes, all 12 camera’s were sent to the recycle bin last night. The camera that had issue’s was non-responsive so even though people like you and this forum are awesome the only solution was to get a replacement.

Here is the tracking number 9400111205954825520517 as I don’t live in Arizona. This tracking number was used by Wyze customer support and clearly on the order if I can see the address is wrong 5 people can identify it’s going to the wrong address.

I am certain this is not typical; however, when five people drop the ball… there is a bigger issue here. I switched to Nest & Ring last night and expected to get all the cameras by this afternoon.

Tracking Number: 9400111205954825520517


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I don’t know a percentage, and I would imagine it’s hard to quantify since they’re not contacting anyone about their issues :slight_smile:.

Anecdotally, I have spoken to a small number of customers (5 out of over 600) during routine followup who either never used the product or used it once and gave up, but had no intention of contacting support. In all 5 cases I was able to answer questions and resolve any issues so the customers were able to use the product. I also placed them on an individual followup list for 2 weeks to make sure they were still able to use the product and did not have any other questions or issues.

This is the level of customer service that I love to provide, but it’s only possible when the support team has the bandwidth to allow that kind of time investment (I do now, but that’s not typical for most support teams).


@Hollywood, we are so, so sorry to hear that this happened. This is unacceptable and not the level of service that we seek to provide. We understand your frustration and apologize for causing that for you. If you are open to it, I would like to know your support ticket number so that I can follow up on this internally and make sure that a lapse like this never happens again. I know that it doesn’t help you and your current situation and I’m sorry for that. If you would like to give me a chance to make sure your Wyze Cam goes where it needs to, I would be happy to make it happen. But I would completely understand if we already used up all of our opportunities to make this right.

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That is a different tracking number than the one delivered to Arizona almost a week ago.


Hollywood, can you see why someone would be skeptical?

Customer has an awareness of a support forum but chooses not to use it until they are pissed enough to trash the working product they still posess (92% of the total product they own) choosing to incur a loss of X and a further expense of XXX to resupply from a different brand to publicly prove a point to the brand he is rejecting.


As the CEO of an organization which relies heavily on customer service, I am highly critical of any organization that has awful customer service especially when I read announcements they are taking money and trying to close.