Extremely dissatisfied with Wyze customer service; However, after 2.5 weeks it was made right and corrected

Correct as they also gave me several wrong tracking numbers… you can continue to defend them; however, they are in the wrong and I have moved on!

Hope your customer service is better than mine.

So far it has been:

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It’s a shame you didn’t approach the forum sooner.


The real shame is incompetent people… case closed I am with a new vendor.

No, I am done as this afternoon I received new Ring & Nest camera’s to replace all the recycled Wyze camera’s. I don’t have time to wait another week for a Wyze camera as I no longer believe in the product.

Your customer service is awful and ignored my requests then lied to me. How can I trust the safety and security of my residences with such an incompetent product.

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We understand. Thank you for taking the time to give me your support ticket number so I can work on this from my end. We hope that your replacement products fit your needs better and wish you well. :slight_smile:

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Curious what organization you, as CEO, run that “relies heavily on customer service.” Can you cite us the BBB rating of your firm?

I hope you realize, as CEO of a company, that things fall through the cracks … and that if, like WYZE, your company’s overall rating of customer satisfaction is high and the goal is 100% customer satisfaction … occasionally the mark is going to be missed.

More than 90% of your WYZE cameras, by your own admission, were working fine.

Yet, you threw them out. That doesn’t sound like the kind of decision a CEO would make. Say for example, one of your employees messes up … are you going to fire 11 of your workers who are productive and doing their jobs? If one of your delivery trucks has engine problems, are you going to send the rest of your fleet to the junk yard?

You joined the forum yesterday … and your first post was the OP of this thread.

As CEO of a company, you would have to agree that you really haven’t given WYZE much of a chance to work with you.

And, as I said before, I’m almost 100% sure that the people on this forum would have rallied around you to help solve the problem with your ONE OUT OF 12 cameras …

But, as I said, you threw out 11 working cameras. Doesn’t really sound like a wise business decision.

FYI … I, like others on this forum, have RING and NEST products. I think if you check on Amazon, Best Buy and other sellers … and as a CEO you surely did … then you know RING and NEST products are far from trouble free.

But, all of us here, wish you good luck.


Due to privacy reasons, I will not disclose my company (i.e the need for cameras); however, I was introduced to Wyze via Google and was impressed with the high quality of the cameras. I never knew this forum existed, but I knew customer support existed and that is what I used.

To answer your question… Yes, if I found out customer service dropped the ball five times and had several open support tickets I would fire the entire team. You can defend Wyze all you want; however, as a CEO I always look at a situation and look at the facts. The facts include over 17 e-mails were sent back in forth and three chat conversations, and confirmation from 3 separate customer support reps that told me the address was correct.

Unfortunately, I can not trust an incompetent company with the security of my family.

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“Money isn’t as important as being reliable for security.”

If money was not an issue I would not have been looking at Wyze as a solution. First by looking at the specs (fps) and second they (Wyze) even say that they are not a security product but a smart camera for the house.

Anyways, Wyze CS is something that is almost always praised around here so I don’t think you will find many supporters of your thread.

Hope you don’t have any issues at all with your other purchases!


Right? Kind of nice that ‘money is no object’ so they can throw away 11 perfectly good cameras that someone else for whom money IS an object would have loved to have!


i bet you were not using a power surge protector for your camera. with any camera you use, please make sure to always plug it in to a surge protector.

I bet you every electronic thing I own is plugged into a Panamax Surge Protector.

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So as a CEO of a company and an individual who states money is not an object; trusted a company who clearly states their products are not security cameras but smart cameras for your home, you chose them instead of a high end expensive security system? Clearly you weren’t that worried about your family’s security but you were quick to bash their name.

You really expect us to believe they got your address wrong that many times, did you not ask them to repeat/type back to confirm? You kept saying “they said it was correct” but did you ever correct them? Just curious.

Why don’t you ask the community manager, she has all the information now.


If the events happened… it’s his experience - I dont believe he is being out of control or anything. Looks like he got to the boiling point from his point of view and that is gonna happen sometimes. Props to WyzeGwendolyn for her responses, as always. If money wasn’t an issue, I would possibly go with a hardwired system, backup battery / generator, hardware storage with backup to cloud storage and high megapixels and private monitoring. I’ve tried all types of brands and cameras and I enjoy the wyze interface and ease of use out of all of them. I find that most issues are with a person’s network. A good router with mu-mimo is like the difference of driving on a two lane road and a highway. I also believe and like to support what I consider a small company that is disrupting the big guys with competition. Competition is good. I consider all of these newer products as beta and try to be patient. My customer service experience has been great especially when I ordered multiple of a product and wanted to cancel one… quick response… money returned immediately and friendly about it.

Note: I dont blame the guy for not wanting to release his business info on a forum these days.


There was a very real problem here but we were able to get it resolved. Hollywood’s frustration makes a lot of sense as we dropped the ball on them several times. I made sure to draw attention to this issue so that we could investigate how this happened and make sure that this does not occur again.


I am a fan of Wyze and I never complained because I knew in my heart the concept “you get what you pay for”. But so far my Wyze Cameras are still good after a year, excepted some time I had to recycle the power, not a big deal?


I really think posts like this are of little value. Don’t buy an economy car and expect the performance of a luxury car and demand the dealer suck up to you! Just move on.

More like don’t take on an investment to be a big player in the business if your infrastructure is not good!

Perhaps Wyze should of told me there was a forum? Or better yet, how about provide at the bare minimum good customer service so one does not have to vent anger in a public forum.