Good Customer Service

I currently have 6 Wyze cams running. (2) wireless, (2) V2 indoors, and (2) V3 outside. One of the outside V3’s failed with the IR lights. Daytime was good, but nighttime was just black. IR lights would never come on. Camera is only 4 months old. Submitted a ticket, and quick response from customer support. I tried everything they suggested, from checking all settings to eventually doing full factory reset. No joy. They agreed that the camera is faulty, and sending out a new one right away. All this in the span of 6 hours! I know a lot of people complain about customer service, but they really came through for me.
Kudos to Wyze customer service team Charles and Felyn


This is great to hear. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you were corresponding through email? That’s my favorite way to use support. I have also used the phone and chat, but I love the convenience of email, so I can follow their steps at my convenience when I have spare time, etc. I really love that option.


Yes, everything was through email. I agree that it’s much easier to follow written instructions.


I had a similar response on a V3 that was only a couple weeks before the warranty ended. Within 12 hours over a holiday weekend, I had a replacement camera on the way.

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