Anyone else out there super happy with Wyze products? I AM!

Anyone else out there super happy with Wyze products? I AM!! I see a lot of overly dramatic, dare I say entitled and end of the world posts about people having mainly simple common sense issues easily resolved or unrealistic absolutely ridiculous expectations about their cameras. Mine work flawlessly and I have family members that have multiple cameras as well that work flawlessly. Yeah when the power goes out the cameras like any other electrical device shut off or when my internet goes out, oh no! The cameras lose connection, just like any other web based device. I have Wyze bulbs, door sensors, smart switches, motion sensors all that work amazing. All the Wyze devices work better than more expensive devices I have used in the past and they are more reliable than my Blink devices that are more expensive. Thanks Wyze for making such super affordable and super high quality devices. I for one LOVE them!!!

Here are my only lists of complaints:

Wyze cameras and smart switches do not compliment me when I walk in the room and tell me I look extra handsome for the day.
Wyze smart switches do not carry my groceries in from the car, come on Wyze you said they are smart! What is up with that?!
When I take my Wyze bulbs to work, they fail to do my work for me, very disappointing for me. Wyze, what a betrayal, I thought we were friends. I thought the smart bulbs would make me smarter>!>!>!>!>! If they really did make people smarter, I would donate some of mine to several members on this forum since they clearly need them more than I :slight_smile:

Back to reality now, I love my Wyze products and plan on continuing to recommend and purchase them. I just wanted to post a well deserved positive feedback comment to the team to balance out some of the unrealistic, entitled, drama queen posts that seem to fill the forum at times lol.


I think most people have 2 problems

  1. way to high expectations

  2. a lack of basic understanding of what the technology can do

Don’t get me wrong, Wyze is at least partly to blame for both of these. They should have bone a better job of managing people’s expectations, and there technical information is both lacking and geared to people that already have a basic understanding of the underlying tech.


I personally think they could not be easier to set up. In fact I think it would be difficult to make it any easier than it already is. Maybe in the future they can raise the price of the camera from $19.99 to $5,999.00 and setup could include an engineer to spend a week at each customers home to set up and monitor the function.


That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about getting specific with its capabilities instead of assuming that people know they can’t realistically expect a WCO to have a battery life of 3 - 6 months while live streaming 8 hours a day (which I have heard a complaint about).


All in all I’m happy with my Wyze produces …cam …cam pan…and sensors.

Works well when it does with my Smart Home Automation integration.

I don’t plan to purchase other Wyze products untill they can prove me other wise. Their iffy FW updates may kill this for me.

For me some issues are worked on but old issues from the passes reoccurs …

Love my new Echo Buds by the way !
Alexa, is the front/back door closed ?

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Overall I’m happy with all my Wyze products. I have 2 V1s, 3 V2s, 3 Pan Cams, 2 door sensors with the 1 motion sensor, 2 bulbs, and one outdoor cam. There are a couple minor issues with them but nothing to turn me away. I’ll keep buying their new stuff as it comes out


My stuff all works fine now. But Wyze sense devices have some major bugs that aren’t easily fixed by users, and often require replacement. The Outdoor camera hasn’t looked up to promises or expectations
That said, there aren’t any perfect alternatives out there. All the products in the home automation world are still evolving.


5 V2’s, 1 Cam pan, multiple smart plugs and light bulbs have worked almost flawlessly since the beginning. One V2 had to undergo firmware re-installation and one micro SD card bit the dust. Several minor issues were a PICNIC (PROBLEM IN CHAIR NOT IN CAMERA). I’d have more respect for my Outdoor camera if event Clips were longer than 12 seconds and more of the V2 options existed.

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Hmmm, me thinks you’re #1 on Wyze christmas list


The scale is nice. I’m down 18lbs. Thru diet and exercise. I actually use that.


I totally agree with you. The Wyze products are exceptional especially when you consider the price. But, damn, if they can figure out a way to bring my groceries in from the car it would be fantastic.


Overall, I really enjoy my cameras. The app responds quickly to show a video and the notifications (when not annoying) are helpful.

I definitely enjoy the contact sensors, I used them from the backyard shed to the back gate, front gate, and on the mailbox, so I know when I get mail delivered. A great idea for sure.

It’s a true bummer when I have a problem with a sensor that was just working the day before. They still don’t send a notification that their battery is running low so it can be changed prior to an incident that happened (or definitely before going on vacation).

Like said overall, I like the cams and sensors and the constantly changing app features.

Just that lack of a small notification from the sensors or any other battery-powered device keeps you at 4 stars out 5.

P.S. @Big_monkey I want love to be apart of that Xmas list. Willing to accepting anything from the keep or test. :crazy_face:


I want to be part of that Xmas list @Big_monkey, willing to accept anything from keep or test.

nope, updates have proven to me that they are untrustworthy. The last 2 times my 360 and cam both had to be reset back to the beginning - firmware pure waste of time and havent updated any of the remaining cams just because of that! Assessment, firmware unreliable and the fact that these products are Made in China, not the USA, confirms wont be buying any more CCP spy supporting products!! The hilarious part is throwing away money on product supposedly with claims wholely unrealistic


Thanks for giving me a good laugh! Overall I think Wyze is a good company with good products. And as long as I keep my expectations grounded in reality I think I can look forward to a good future with Wyze.


Very glad to see you posted this thread.

I have been using Wyze cameras since they first came out. I jumped in the early adopter train specifically to see how things would play or with what I understood to be a product with a limited score of offerings that was never intended to be a mainline competitor to the security camera and platform offerings already in the market.

I have given my v1, v2, pan and Outdoor cams rigorous use and found them to be far more capable than Wyze promised. Yes, I have had network drops. Yes, I have had to reconfigure (a 2-5 minute Process, NOT an imposition)

I left a v1 camera and 2 Wyze plugs installed outside through a Minnesota winter that hit -40 for days at a time and they worked flawlessly, that is until I hit one with the shovel while clearing the deck. Plugged it back in and it resumed its duties perfectly.

My Wyze 8 bulbs have made my 1900 home with no light switches a bit easier to control and the only connection issues I’ve experienced have been due to my own actions. Again, correcting the problem was straight forward and took no time at all.

From my point of view, many of the connection issues raised here come from a lack of understanding of the many variables involved in wireless networking. Taking the time to learn ones own network setup can go a long way to allieviating these issues.

Wyze has come up with some great products. They aren’t perfect, but I didn’t assume they would be.
I will continue to be a customer and an avid supporter.


You do realize that most electronics in the world where manufactured in China?

Keep your fingers crossed, but no Hat…

Bang !!! Damn, fall down won’t ya

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Glad you are happy.