Is New iPhone app causing more issues?

so it seems that since the iPhone app was updated, I have had a lot more cam issues.

this “Loading Live Stream” message is new recently.
Before it, my cams were much more stable. Now it seems that my cams are all at risk weekly?

Has anyone else noticed similar?

Can we rollback the iPhone app?

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This came with update that “fixed the group experience”

Ever since that update , my v3’s in a group take a bit longer than usual to load the stream

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I have spent the better part of two hours trying to log into the iPhone Wyzecam app. The app fails to log in.
I am able to log in on my iPad, I can log in on my Android phone, but I can not log in using the iPhone app.


Same here. I have the 2.38.2(1) installed on my iPad and 2.40.0(3) on my iPhone. The old app on my iPad loads group views instantly but there is a lag on my iPhone.

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@Rulwiz this is very helpful insight.
Hopefully @Wyze team can use this as input to fix the extra lags.

I have definitely noticed the additional lags since the app update as well.

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This is an annoying problem, especially when I need to access the cameras instantly, i.e. to see who is at the door, or keep an eye on our dogs.

Sometimes, closing the app, and clearing it from active apps, and opening it again helps, but not always.

Do we need to limit the number of cameras we can see at a time? I only have 4 cameras in a group, a mixture of v2, v3, and pan v2. My other group only has pan v1, and that still suffers from the issue.

I have the Wyze App on my iPhone as well as on my iPad. The Wyse App on the IPad works great. No problem logging on (no crashes) and the App can bring up captured videos or live streams very quickly.

However, the Wyse Appo on my iPhone 13 crashes multiple times trying to get it to load. as well as when trying to look at a captured video when I finally get it to load. Very frustrating and almost worthless.