After Cameras in group won’t hold resolution setting

After the recent upgrade to cameras that are grouped will not hold the resolution HD. I realize that while in group view the resolution is 360p. This is not what I’m referencing. My issue is that after selecting a camera in the group and then setting the resolution to HD if I view another camera in that group and set it to HD when I return to the previous camera it reverts down to 360p. This did not used to happen. In fact I have a group of cameras that I have not done the upgrade on and they hold the resolution from one to another. If the cameras are not in a group then they hold the resolution setting.

This problem happened after the last firmware update. The next day, there was an application update that fixed this issue.

I just checked the App. It shows version 2.12.30. Is that the version you have? I experience none of the positive points you listed.

Yes. I have just done this video for you.

That’s incredible! Not the case with mine at all… watching yours makes me feel like I’m being cheated. My camera access time is much, much longer and the camera resolution always reverts back to 360p. Very frustrating. I am glad to see that it can work just disappointing that it doesn’t on mine


Before the last firmware and application update, it was so slow. I have 8 V2’ and 3 Pans. The access time is really fast.

You can try to delete your application et reinstall it again. If it doesn’t work, the speed of your connection is probably too slow.:thinking:

You can also try deleting and recreating your groups.

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Well it’s much better. I deleted each group, re started each camera, logged out of my account, cleared my phone cache and logged back in… it’s not as fast as yours but the camera access is better and the resolution stays set in HD…Thank you!

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I have same issue, so I need to delete my groups?

Not necessarily…First make sure that your Wyze App is updated as well. It should be running V2.12.30. After that, logout and then log back in. If you are still having an issue, then delete the group and then re-create the group. You should be good then…

I don’t feel that I should waste MY time deleting and re-creating groups and changing around whatever when this is a KNOWN, observed bug reported by users. My group of 5 cams (2 stationary, 3 pan), latest software v2.12.35, latest firmware for stationaries for pans and 2 bridges ALL happening after the latest software update this morning–switching back and forth among the views of the cams they bounce back and forth between HD and 360p. So Wyze, PLEASE LOOK IN TO THIS AND CORRECT ASAP!!


I deleted and recreated the group, but the resolution still keeps resetting to 360p. My app version is 2.12.35.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but that doesn’t help, either.

The iOS Wyze App version I have is V2.12.51. as of 8/27/20