February 3rd 1:00 AM PT Scheduled Maintenance

Any estimate of how long this will take?

Do I understand correctly that there is no way to see a camera while this maintenance is underway?


What level of redundancy is planned by the time you plan to offer a monitored security system. Taking outages with an unplanned duration is not great ever. In the security business it is totally unacceptable to have any planned outages you must solve for how to upgrade without downtime.


Tell the world the banks monitors are off.
This is NOT a security system, glad I didn’t buy it for that purpose.

I agree, that was my first reaction! I use my Wyze cams for security in both my homes and now the world knows when they’ll be offline!

It’s actually a reminder that with the way the Wyze cloud system is set up, Wyze product owners are totally at the mercy of them and their cloud. Not being able to view a camera in the app if their cloud goes down, or for that matter, if outside internet goes down is a really poor system if you think about it.

I’ve had all sorts of IP WiFi cameras over the years, and I could still view them as long as my home network was up, even if I lost my outside internet. Even if the camera’s native app was down, I could view the camera just by typing the camera’s IP address into a web browser and a web viewer would open. Also could view by using another app like IPCam Viewer on IOS or TinyCam on Android. It’s a good reason for Wyze to implement the web interface people have been asking for for years now. Of course that could cut into their subscription service revenue which may be why they haven’t done it.

Scary to think what would happen if Wyze ever closed it’s doors or had some sort of long term internal problem. Not just for cameras, but thermostats, vacuums, door locks, etc all relient on their servers. I still have a couple Foscams I saved, maybe I should put one up as a backup.

My point was not as focused on today’s product offering, buyer beware and I am aware of the limitations and stand by my point that redundancy is possible just maybe not at this price point. That said I have pre purchased the security / home monitoring product and while the internet connection to the property is still a single point of failure that is on me again buyer beware but you cannot offer a security product and not have the redundancy and design to support not needing planned outages.

Ahem It appears that someone has been rolling their own cloud infrastructure without building in any redundancy. This gives me pause regarding continuing down the road with Wyze products. Can someone from Wyze respond regarding this issue? What, if anything, is being done to prevent similar issues going forward?

AWS can help you with this…

If you want an object lesson regarding dependency holding customers hostage, take a look at what went on over at Wink. It does happen.

I shut down my hub and threw it in the trash.

I’ve been a big fan of Wyze and own just about everything they’ve made. I’m very nervous at this point and the lack of transparency from Wyze is disturbing. You don’t announce an unplanned outage of unknown duration without adequate explanation.

Exactly. There has to be some sort of redundancy. And I don’t want to hear the often repeated excuse from other Wyze fans that “It isn’t a security Camera” or “It’s a $20 camera”. The excuse or claim that it isn’t a security camera was settled as soon as Wyze started selling paid subscriptions for person detection, smoke/CO detection, Door locks, and monitored security systems in which they advertise the cameras as being a big part of the security system.