Wink Hub Integration

I am just starting with your cams. I must say they are much more powerful than I was expecting with many more features than cams 5 times more expensive. With that said, I am switching from my Nest cams and my Xfinity Home cams to the Wyze cams. In order to make this seamless, I need to be able to have a way to either integrate with Wink Hub (I have the first gen, but I think people would be happy with either gen). I see people have requested HomeKit and Google Home Hub, but I think the Wink hub is coming along nicely and has a pretty sizable user base. It would be great if I could see video and use the cams in the hub, and it would be even better if they worked with the lookout feature of the hub. At the very least, I use the Wink Hub to turn my cameras on after dusk or when Wink Hub detects that I have been away for more than 3 hours. I would like to be able to use these settings with your cams. Let me know if you need any additional information, and I hope the community also wants this feature.


I love this camera for the price. I love the cloud storage for notifications.

Big issue thought. I can’t actually use the notifications because it only lets me set one static window to record like people have the same schedule every day. And that people only want 1 window recorded. However, like nearly 100% of people we sleep at night and want to be alerted and are gone during the day and want to be alerted. That is 2. Also we are home on the weekends like nearly 100% of people so that second window needs to go away.

An even better options would be wink and other various home hub integrations. With Wink on my other more expensive and in every other way less good cameras I can use wink to turn the “notifications” on and off. So when I leave the house and push “lock” on my Schlage connected lock it effectively turns on the cameras. Or when I push a button in the wink app to set my system to “away” they effectively turn on.

This prevents a great many false notifications and would get around the scheduling issues by allowing us to us existing schortcuts and things that are occuring to manipulate the cameras.

Either or both of things would put your cameras on par with Canary and Ring from a software perspective. At your price point, with your simple app and much better camera and mounting system, I would have another 5 of these. Without it, I will deal with the others I have for now.

I hope you all add it soon!

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For the first part of the request, look for the mobile app 2.0. This should allow you to do exactly that.

For the Wink Hub support, the support of other smarthome hubs is not planned for the moment. I can see that happening but this is not in the roadmap for the moment.

Bummed to hear there is no plan for integration with Wink hubs. Any chance that plan has changed over the last few months?

I would love to see this integration.

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I think if you would just support the ZigBee protoocol, wink and all other hubs would work. Believe it or not WINK is a fantastic unit.

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x2 on using a standard protocol. I love the Wyze Cam I purchased, and plan to get more. But I’m not sure what to do with Wyze Sense. I like the idea, but if they don’t integrate with a hub, I’m not sure how useful they will be. Not complaining, just feedback. :slight_smile:

Yes please integrate with Wink, there a few cams that offer very nice integration with Wink already, e.g. Arlo, Ring, Nest etc. - Wink can get motion, sound, zones, pictures, videos etc. from those cams. Also integrating with Wink and SmartThings will increase the value of your product, more people will buy them. I spent $150 on each Arlo cam, so I would’ve spent more than $20 for your cams if they integrated.

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Good Day All.

Has anyone heard anything further on if this is going to be in the works? Would love to see WINK integration!


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Don’t want Smartthings but I would love Wink integration! One of the reasons I’m not buying any wyze products other than cameras is I already have my house set up with Wink.


I would also like this for the bulbs. I currently have a mixed environment, with older less awesome bulbs than the Wyze ones, but it will be a long time before I can fully incorporate wyze into my home.
Plus, Wink currently controls other devices that Wyze has not yet implemented. Please look into Wink Hub integration.

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Yes … at least look at the wink model for schedules and routines !!! With the issues Google has created wit elimination of works with options , Along with poor routines options, this area is wide open to attract users.

Have Wink Hub. Wish bulbs worked with hub.
Have Ge and Cree bulbs. But Wyze does not work with hubs.

I was thinking of getting a Wink 2 hub, has anyone figured out integration with the bulbs? Is there any updates for future integration? Would be awesome!

Full disclosure - This is a selfish request as I already have a bunch of Wink Smart home stuff and don’t want it to die . It probably makes zero business sense.

Since Will got involved in Wink, it seems to be spiraling down the toilet bowl of failed tech companies, but it’s got a lot of tech/IP that might be valuable to a certain “super-cool smart home company”…

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Request to add integration with the wink hub

Please include Wink hub or Zigbee integration support!!

I doubt wink integration is coming. Didn’t wink go bankrupt? It wouldn’t make sense to assign resources to work on integrating dying tech.

Yes I second the idea that wyze should buy Wink. Ever since that joker bought wink, it’s been going downhill. Please Wyze buy the Wink platform and you’ll be poised to be the #1 smart home company.

WINK integration would be very helpful

I agree, we need Wink integration. It would really open up the market for people to discover the great product at Wyze. I just preordered my Wyze doorbell which will kill Ring if it works as well as Wyze cameras.