Hello. Just got my Wyze cams delivered

Have not set them up yet, Hope to enjoy them without too many issues. I will post some thoughts after initial set up. First time newb with any sort of monitoring cameras. apologies if i have posted this in the wrong topic area.


Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy them and if you have any troubles, have a search of the forums here to see if it’s come up before. Also the support pages have a wealth of info about the products.


Hi @rollies, welcome. There’s a good crew here of volunteer moderators and mavens, regulars and just plain peeps. If you have problems they’re likely to get sorted, or at least more precisely defined. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to reading your impressions.


Welcome @rollies. I second both previous posts. You are in the right place for support and have a pretty good community to draw on.
Feel free to post back with questions and tag any of us for direct help…


Hi, To all thanks for the welcome. Ok, I have set both cams up was pretty easy for a novice to acheive. I like the qaulity of the video feed,the two way voice chat also which is pretty clear. One thing i’m not liking is the delay of notification after a motion has been detected for me it is roughly 25-28 seconds before i get the notification on app. I love the magnetic base it made it very easy to install under my verandah both at the back and front of my house. I’m hoping they bring back the human detection soon as i was getting a few alerts from car headlights crossing the grass in the front yard also cats strolling past in the wee hours of the morning also little insects zipping past.The cool down period of 5 mins after detection is a bit of a downer, I do have a sd card in though set to constant record though, And for some reason I cannot access the free trial of “Constant motion capture” I’d like to purchase that subscription if i find it a good experience. Overall i’m happy my purchase so far. And am getting a itchy trigger finger to buy two more. Also love how the team at Wyze do firmware updates.

You have to sign up for that on the website, cannot do it in the app.


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