Wyze & Nest & Google Home

A quick update on Nest world. I continue to be asked by Nest daily to move my remaining Nest cams over to Google Home.
I was forced to do this move of one of my $200 cams as my dropcam support was dropped.
It now has less functionality including loss of excellent web interface and, has tiny cam previews on iPad and the cam view often hangs needing a restart of Google Home app. We also lost Nest cam “rules”. and zones views are crippled.

The reason I mention this is a reminder that the other providers have their frustrations as well.

Yes, I have some challenges/frustrations with Wyze including the recent OG cam SD card recording issue, but at least we have people like Jason interfacing for us with Wyze technical folks.
As well, Wyze colour night view is far superior to my Nestcams. Wyze linkage with Alexa has been very helpful as well.

Thanks @WyzeJasonJ :star2:& also @WyzeMatt :star2:and all of the volunteers :star2: & also tech & executive that drop by. and have info sessions … fireside chat time soon?

I have been using home ‘’‘‘security’’‘’ cams and other home automation back to X10 days in 1990s.



Many a fond memory of hunting for x10 products.

Seems even back in the 80s.


yes. I actually did start in the 1980s as well with X10.

We used the light automation for our lights when we went travelling for the lived in look as well as many day to day automations as well.
I am surprised how X10 scripting from variois providers is still better than much of what we have today.
I still had a couple of light switches on X10 until just recently as they have a cost-effective non-neutral wire light switch.

Yes. I have fond memories of x10. Bought the master clock console really cheap on the clearance table at Sears around 87 or 88. I had loads of modules and changed out two light switches. I still have the Radio Shack x10 equivalent clock in my livingroom that my Dad gave me. Definitely a good, long-lasting product.

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X10 home automation app providers should share some code with Wyze!!!

I would vote for that.


@tc10 , I watch a lot of Smart Home product reviewers. Couple of years ago, their time was divided between the pros/cons of Echo and Google Home stuff. Much was said about both up and coming. These days, most of them are abandoning Google voice speakers and the Google home eco-system. They are not happy with the back-pedaling of Echo/Alexa either, but Google is been called out for simply stopping work on many successfully paths and products. And eliminating apps and features that people were pleased with. No explanation either. So, sorry, but don’t be surprised if you see even more crazy behavior from them.

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I do wonder how this is going to shake out:


Yeah, this could be a game-changer. For example, if Wyze supports this, it could mean importing ANY Google Home capable device into the Wyze app to use with Wyze’s AI or other Wyze devices. OR, contrarily the other way around. Since many Wyze devices work with Google, you could import your Wyze devices into another company’s app. This may even make it possible for me to import some Wyze devices into Home Assistant by bringing Google into Home Assistant. We might even be able to get Wyze camera streams locally into other things since they can connect to Google Displays locally using WebRTC…so if a Wyze stream can connect to Google Locally, and Google’s API is open to allow us to connect to them locally, then theoretically we might be able to get local Wyze streams into anything through WebRTC and do our own detections all without Wyze directly creating RTSP conversions themselves on their cameras.

There are so many possibilities. I definitely look forward to see how this plays out, but it could be a HUGE deal for smart home progress in general, especially since Google has advanced automation and scripting options. We just need companies like Wyze to add more features to their Google Home Integration, now more than ever.

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