Worth repeating ... Thanks Wyze for new functionality for Cams

I may have mentioned this before but I think it is worth repeating, potentially often. Thank you to Wyze for listening to us…

I have used Nest cams since the early days of Dropcams.
Google is actively moving (forcing) us from the Nest cam browser and Nestcam app to Google Home.
They are becoming more aggressive in the move. That could be ok,
BUT the Google Home App removes significant functionality that I and many others have used for years.
and Google provides no explanation as to why they are dropping the functionality.
The Nest cam functionality has been excellent for years… and soon it seems it will be gone as someone (nameless) in Google is just deleting it.

I want to show my ongoing appreciation to the Wyze executive and mgmt team for your ongoing actice participation with us here.
I may not always agree with your direction and priorities but at least I know that you are listening to us and considering our requests along with the more senior support group here in the forum., reddit & discord.

As well, as of today, I must now log in to the Google Nest browser every time that I access it. If I close the window, it is gone and login window shows up again and again.

Here is a bit of the functionality that is soon to be gone as well. This includes dynamic zoom & 4 colour coded swim lanes for 4 separate activity zones (garden, road, path, driveway) which can each be actioned together or separtely, and tje seamless integration between Live view and recorded view … soon to be gone with no explanation … from $Trillion company.

So far for the past 3 years, Google has made no mention of making functionality available in these 2 screenshots available in their Google Home app replacement. Sad for many of us. Any attempt to get updates has been met with silence for 3 years. I will be losing this functionality on my garage cam in April 2024 as they end of life one of my Garage dropcam forcing me to their new Google Home app for my replacement Nest cam. For past e years, their new Nest cams do not work on Nest app with functionality in screenshots … and so it goes. …

… I will continue to provide constructive feedback here and enjoy insights / updates of Mavens, etc.

At least here the Moderators, Mavens (thankyou), mgmt & Executive participate in Forum, on Discord & Reddit.
I appreciate what Wyze team is able to accomplish with available resources.