Sound triggered SD card recording

I’d like to do event-based recording, that is, sound- & motion-activated recording, without an Internet connection. I have a location with no Internet where I want to record events to the local SD card continuously as long as there’s motion.

Bonus points for independently configurable sound & motion detection, meaning I can record continuously based on just sound, just motion, or both.

Great products & value so far. Very happy with Wyze right now. :slight_smile:

See also this Wishlist topic:

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Hopefully this will make sense:
A MOTION triggered event will display in the cloud as a 12 second clip (events tab), AND will write to the local SD card for as long as the MOTION is happening.

A SOUND triggered event will display (both video and sound) in the cloud as a 12 second clip (events tab) but WILL NOT write to the local SD card at all. There is no corresponding event for the SOUND triggered event.

The Cliff’s Notes version:
If the event is triggered by VIDEO, it will record a 12 second cloud event AND record to the SD card.

If the event is triggered by SOUND, it will record a 12 second cloud event, but WILL NOT record anything to the SD card.

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Took me a while to realize that sound events are NOT recorded to sd card but they are recorded to cloud.

This is somewhat inconvenient as I do want to the video even if it is only sound. I may not need to see what is happening but it would be nice to hear it during playback…

If an event is triggered by sound detection, you will get a cloud event video with the video and sound, it doesn’t just save the audio only.

I was almost sure there would be a Rule Action

  • Record an event to the SD card (even if no motion is detected)

But apparently it’s only a different Wishlist item…

That’s literally what my post said. I do see it in the cloud - but to broaden my issue of concerns, what if another sound event happens within the 5 minute cool down and there’s the motion involved? None of that will show up in sd card playback.

Hopefully that last sentence adds context.

This is one big reason why I have every cam set to Continuous Recording on the SD card.

So many times I get sound and motion cloud events within 5 mins of each other, and I can just click to jump to the SD Card timeline to see and hear what happened.

I know Continuous Recording burns more SD card space than Record Events Only, so I just put 64GB cards in every cam. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did have continuous also but going through every second of footage becomes a pain, esp if the camera doesn’t know how to identify if there was motion/sound in the footage. So I set the cameras to events recording to be able to go through events in realtime playback speed. I would go with continuous myself, but I share the camera with my wife and she hates going through all the footage ever so slowly.

No argument there!

When they added the ability to jump from the cloud event to that exact spot in the time line, it helped a lot. But I still want direct download access to the SD card so we can scan the video files at high speed using the software of our choice on a laptop, etc.

i put a camera in my bedroom to capture when & how long i SNORE at night. Sometimes I snored only 5sec and sometime for 3 mins.

i was able to capture multiple events of my SNORE through SOUND DETECT for 12 sec long EVENTS from the cloud. From the playback on SDcard its infinite playback but i have to sit there and scroll through timeline which is time consuming. I change from continuous recording to RECORD EVENTS ONLY does not work. Anyone able to get this work? I talk with a WYZE rep and was told RECORD EVENTS ONLY will NOT WORK on SOUND DETECT only MOTION DETECT . He advise me to put it on wishlist.

That is correct, the only way the ‘record events’ will work on SD is with motion. That is because it takes a series of 1-minute videos and if there is motion in the minute it keeps it and if there is not it discards it. It does not check for sound.

So right now i’m STUCK with a 12sec capture SOUND CLOUD EVENTS? Or go to PLAYBACK and view the TIMELINE to see how long my snore was captured on SD card? So I can not capture SOUND EVENT to SD card ONLY from continuous recording ? again i don’t want to turn on motion. I was told even if i paid $2 a month my event recording is still only 12sec long.

Yes currently the Sound Events only record to the cloud as an event, SD card works for continuous or motion events.

Yes you can record the 12-second cloud sound event and jump to the continuous recording but then you have to watch it to see how long it is which is what you are trying to avoid doing.

I believe CamPlus also only applies to motion events and not sound.