Event Recording - Detect sound, but no event recorded

I’m trying to set up a camera to detect the sound of my doorbell or a knock, under Event Recording, Detect sound is turned on and the SD recording is set to Event only recording. I get notifications, but there is nothing recorded for playback. Intuitively, in the section to control “Event Recording”, I would expect ‘Detect’ xxx to trigger an event recording. Should I just give up on intuitive expectations or is this a bug?

SD card event recording is motion based only.

Really? Why would the app let me select SD recording when motion detection is turned off? At least tell me I’m wasting my time and SD card.
Is Wyze owned by Microsoft? :slight_smile:

My point was that the SD card event-only recording is based on motion events but not sound events.

The 12-second cloud stored clips and the SD card storage are separate and independent. They are set up and viewed in different areas of the app.

For the SD card storage, go to the camera settings, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage. That is where you set the SD card to record continuously or event-only (1 minute segments).

To view the SD card recordings, don’t tap the Events tab in the app. That is only for the cloud clips. Instead, tap the View Playback button on the live stream view. How you’ll see a timeline under thevideo frame so you can go back in time. You can also remove the card from the camera and view or download the 1-minute video files on a computer.

Here are some help pages from the Support site:




What will that do if you don’t go into “Event Recording” and select “Detects” xxx?

What you said;

basically says, detects motion works and detects sound doesn’t. So, this is another case of getting a cloud notice, but no actual SD video footage of what’s going on. Unless, you choose continuous recording.

It doesn’t matter what you do in the Event Recording settings. SD-card recording in event only mode as set in the Local Recording settings is for motion detection only. This is clearly stated in the support pages:


It is not a bug and it is not broken. It’s how it’s designed. If you would like the option to have sound event trigger added to the event SD-card, you could submit a topic on this for the Roadmap. I don’t think there’s one there yet.

I understood the point.
My point was if the camera isn’t going to record when it is set to only respond to sound events, you should get a message letting you know that when you set the SD card to Record on Event.

Edit, tried to improve my grammar. Tried… :smile:

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I suspect there isn’t a topic for this in the roadmap because most people wouldn’t realize that the camera only records (locally) on motion events. It’s illogical to assume it wouldn’t record on any event.

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Thanks @angus.black. I understand better now where you’re coming from. I think the idea to have a message pop up in the app when you choose this setting is fantastic! So, I’ve created a Roadmap topic for that. Please hop over and vote for it (be sure to click the VOTE button at the top):


Exactly, @angus.black. Having pop-up messages to explain un-intuitive/illogical functionality is BTN, but it would seem to me the logical thing to do is just go ahead and flip the switch to save that one minute file and call it job done. Then you have consistency. The number of users confusing Event recording (SD card) with Event recording (cloud) is evident daily on these forums. There is entirely too much confusion having two completely (mostly) separate functions and calling them “Events”. You can’t talk about Events without including an explanation of which completely different ‘event’ one is referring to. They should call cloud notifications Alert notifications, just ‘Notifications’ or something else.

I agree. I feel it’s a little strange to vote for something that should be there to begin with.
Why would Wyze decide that sound events should trigger a notification but not record (locally). You also can’t turn sound detection on/off by shortcut. Is it a limitation of the camera? Was sound detection an afterthought?


2024 and still appears no option to record Sound Events locally (without having to record Continuously). Tried on both my V2 & V3 Cams.

Select ‘Events Only’ and ‘Record motion events’, then Motion gives a Recent Event entry AND saves a 1-minute segment to the SD card. :+1: Select ‘Events Only’ and ‘Record sound events’, then Sound gives a Recent Event entry but for some reason NO segment is saved locally. :-1:

I don’t understand why Wyze would choose to continue restricting the existing local recording of Events Only to just Motion for us cam customers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really? The company that sells cloud recording?

Chatting with Wyze support, they claim the cams should be recording the sound events to SD without a subscription, however I have been having this issue since unboxing their…garbage. Its been 3.5 weeks of nothing but headaches. I’m going to try to format my SD and flash the cam by downloading a different firmware version, I’ll et you know if it works. Good luck with your device.