Retrieving files from the record folder on SD card without removing the card

I would like to retrieve the files from my Wyze Cam V3 that are on the SD card in the record folder without having to remove the card because unfortunately, accessing the camera is difficult due to where and the way I have to have the camera mounted.

It doesn’t look like there is any way to ftp into the camera and download the files. Is that true? Are there any options without having to take the card out or without having to record in the app and then retrieve the recordings from the app? Thank you.

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Unfortunately no. It has been requested many times over a long period, but so far, nothing.
Here’s the Wishlist item for it if you want to vote for it.

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Thank you. I voted for this feature but with only 140 votes I imagine it will never happen. It sure would be nice to have as right now I am using the camera due to crime problems where I live, and the more information I can supply to the authorities the better chance I have of resolving these terrible problems.