Wyze App 2.2 Launched - Camera grouping and multiple view

We are thrilled to announce that Wyze App 2.2 is unveiled today, It comes with our brand new camera grouping and multiple view. Hope you will enjoy the new features. We are still working on improving the experience and developing new functionalities on the camera group, If you have any feedback or advice, please let us know. Thank you very much.

Here are the release notes:

iOS 2.2.40

  • Added the ability to create camera groups
  • Added the ability to stream multiple Wyze Cams at once through groups

Android 2.2.38

  • Added the ability to create camera groups
  • Added the ability to stream multiple Wyze Cams at once through groups

Seems it takes a little longer than before to let the latest App version 2.2 show up in App Store or Google Play. We are still waiting for the launch process on Google and Apple side. Please stay patient. Thank you very much.


Another step forward!
/edit - and it looks like you fixed the bombing out when first selecting a camera :slight_smile:


Looking forward to testing it out :smiley:

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Great feature but how do I get into each cam setting without having to delete the group ?

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See Grouping , Here


Tap the live view Then tap The box with the arrow at the bottom


Thanks HDRock,
Got it … tricky had to retap screen to view option hit srink screen to get into cam setting.

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Grouping the cameras works great. I have many set up at different houses and properties. Makes it easy to quickly see what is happening there. In my opinion it is a very welcome upgrade.


Great news! Waiting for it to roll out on iOS. I know that can be a slower process with Apple at times.

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This is a major step forward, really needed it, works great! Thanks!!

I am like a little child, give me some cake and I want some ice cream to go with it. Would like to assign cameras into multiple groups.


Have been waiting for the multi-camera live view. You just earned yourself 2 more cam purchases from me! :+1:


Really!! Can it get any better than this??? This update is HUGE!

I’m soooo happy with WYZE.


When you are viewing the simultaneous stream of two devices, has anyone noticed that the time looks blurrier, pixelated in the bottom right-hand corner in simultaneous stream for wyzecam v2 but when I look at the camera individually, then the time is clear. Both are set to HD. I noticed that the time is only pixelated for the wyzecam v2 cameras in simultaneous streaming. The wyzecam v1 and wyzecam pan times are displayed without pixelation just like when you view them individually.

Is this a bug that can be fixed?

Also, if anyone is interested in filtering events by group. This is a plug to get it moved into the roadmap.


Thank you for pointing it out. Due to some bandwidth and stability concerns, right now we are forcing the cameras in multiple view using 360P on Cam V2 and Pan. This has no impact on the settings in the individual camera, so when transitting to the individual camera, it still sticks to the previous bitrate setting.


Thanks for the explanation. So that’s why the time is blurrier on the v2. I think the pan shows the time clearer because maybe it has better picture quality due to the older sensor.

Thank you so much WYZE. First turning off the IR Lights for through window users, and now multiple viewing in groups. Thank you so much, and looking forward to the future!

And for those of you that tried this with more than 3 cameras and didnt accidentally til your phone sideways, WATCH OUT!! yer gonna be REALLY happy you did.


Great job guys! Cheers!

Fantastic feature!!! Now, please make Max Drive record in Real Time (no lag!). Without it – expensive paper weight.