Wyze Cam Grouping Feature Multiple Cams

I am running the current Wyze cam app according to Google play. There are no updates available.

However, I was watching a YouTube video today and a guy was using what he said was an updated version of the app and it had little dots in the right hand corner with an option to group cameras to view multiple cameras at one time. I do not see that option anywhere in my app.

Was that a feature in an older version of the app? I have been using multiple Wyze cams for over a year and have never seen that feature in the app.

I was using tiny cam pro to view multiple Wyze cams at once but that proved unreliable. I was searching for an alternative today when I saw the video with the wyze cam app that had grouping built in.

Is grouping available in Wyze cam app?

If not, what are you using as an alternative to tiny cam pro that has good results.

Thank you.

Tap the + in the upper left and you should see “add device group” tap that and you should be able to create as many groups as you need.


Thank you so much! That was easy to do. I really appreciate your help. Wyze Cam just got way better with those simple little clicks!

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