Add multiple cam view to the app

I want to be able to view all my cameras on 1 screen. To be able to open up to 4 cameras and view all of them at once. An additional fearure that would be a nice addition to this is to be able to select which cam you were listening to from the multiple cam view. I have had other cameras that had this option and love my wyze cams but this feature would be the best thing! I would like it to be kind of like a surveillance system.

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Create a camera group, use the +


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If I understand your request correctly that capability already exists in the App. See below:


as long as all your cams are anything but the outdoor models, than yeah, what everyone said is the way

You can include Wyze Cam Outdoor in a cam group and display 4 simultaneously in landscape mode. Just have to tap on the play button for any WCO cams in the group.


Wow I did not even know you could do that. Thanks everyone for the answers.