Wyze App 2.2 Launched - Camera grouping and multiple view

I’m thinking your Max Drive comment might be more visible here. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will!

This is a feature that I’ve been waiting for since I reached the 4-camera level.

Now, is there a way to see all 4 cameras at once in horizontal view on my new 12.9" iPad Pro?


When I put my Amazon Fire 10 in landscape mode I can get 4 cams on screen.

Have you tried turning your iPad like a steering wheel 45 degrees?

Thanks, that worked . . . Since my iPad Pro is horizontal on a stand, is there a button that can be pressed to activate this?


I use my Pro horizontally on a T-stand myself, 100% of the time. It’s a bit of a pain always tapping those tiny buttons on individually cams to get the right orientation etc.

They don’t seem to have a button to make all the cams fit horizontally, yet.

I wish Wyze would make the UI features better in horizontal mode, as it seems many of us use our devices this way.

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Unclear as to whether you guys are using different terminology to describe the same thing, but typically horizonal=landscape=long side bottom=4 cams

vertical=portrait=short side bottom=cams one over another

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You are a model for all companies. A paradigm to be emulated. Can this excellence be sustained? Kudos! Meanwhile, thanks!

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@WyzeRoy I noticed with the latest app, when you zoom into the picture in landscape mode, it doesn’t zoom in correctly. It zooms in and is off center with black space. It doesn’t fill the screen like it’s supposed to. Anyone else notice this? I have the old app and it doesn’t do this. I think it’s a bug.

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I’ve 2 androids - Samsung J3, and Amazon Fire 10 - neither exhibit that.

Hello @cheaplikeafox, is this issue happening on iOS or Android? Can you also let me know what App version you are running?

It has been happening to me Frequently .
It is fine when I zoom in But when I zoom back out It becomes off center And not full screen .
For more info click my name

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I only have one group. Would like the ability to “enter” a default group right away without needing to click on it.

Do you mean you have all your cameras in one group?
If so just delete current camera group.

@gemniii, it only happens when I zoom in and then zoom out. Zooming in only will fill up the screen but as soon as I pinch to zoom out, it doesn’t keep the screen filled and shows black space like @HDRock was saying.
@mixonepa, Android 8.0. I only noticed this started happening with the latest app 2.2.38. When did you notice it, @HDRock?

From the single camera view in portrait (with your head turned sideways), tap the closed box icon in the upper right to rotate to landscape. Then tap the back button, upper left to return to four cam view in landscape. To undo this, go back to single camera view, and tap the open box icon top right. (You need to tap the screen each time to bring up the controls.) This allows you to get in and out of landscape without picking the tablet out of the stand.

That said, we really need full landscape support for tablets. You can vote for that here (be sure to click the VOTE button at the top left):

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Just checked both devices -
J3 w/ Android 7.1.1
Fire tablet w/ Fire
Zooming in and out is fine, full screen both ways

Thank you for this description.

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