Wyze App 2.2 Launched - Camera grouping and multiple view

It started doing that In the beta Version , Some other people on Facebook also mentioned it then.
I have The public App 2.2.38 on my phone now ,It was happening yesterday and day before , I just checked A few cameras and Is not happening Right now.
Edit: If I zoom in and then move It, then zoom back out, It happens every time

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@HDRock you’re right, it’s tricky to replicate. You have to zoom in, and then move it, and then pinch to zoom out an then you see the black space. If your simply double tap to zoom in and out then it’s ok.

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Please add the ability to go full screen on a camera from the group/ multi-camera view. A click on a camera should bring that one to the full screen.

From the group/ multi-camera view. Tap the live view Then tap The box with the arrow at the bottom to bring that one to the full screen.



From the single camera view in portrait (with your head turned sideways), tap the closed box icon in the upper right to rotate to landscape. Then tap the back button, upper left to return to four cam view in landscape. To undo this, go back to single camera view, and tap the open box icon top right.

Excellent instructions, that did the trick.



Hm, can I be a bit negative over how this feature has been designed/implemented?
Simul streaming is a great feature - but after having created a group (in my case called “Home”), the “freeze frame” of individual cameras really should be still be visible on that start page (as before).
Hence, you EITHER go to the group and watch all cameras in a group, OR you go directly to one of the cameras (like before).

Hopefully this makes sense. So for now, I have actually gone back a deleted the group so I can see - with direct access - each individual camera.

This on iOS12.2 and Wyze 2.2.40

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Really need to hear the sound when in the new group mode. Obviously, enabling the sound on all cameras isn’t appropriate. Why not turn on sound for the specific camera when you:

  1. Click on the camera desired. At this point nothing happens unless you click on the expand to full image size icon.
  2. Enable the sound on that camera if it had previously been enabled in full-screen mode.
  3. Or/And - provide an option similar to the full-screen icon where you can enable the sound.

I frequently depend upon sound when viewing cameras, and don’t want to waste time flipping between multiple modes to do it.

You can vote for that here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

You can vote for that here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

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Done - even though I think those suggestions might be expanding on it too much, making it overly complex (like fix something that wasn’t broken before). Individual cameras “freeze frames” as before - and an image or name of group (no need to “expand” group until actually opening it - group name should tell enough of what’s in there).

There are users with upwards of 20 cameras. The ability to collapse the group’s display of thumbnails is needed by those users. If you don’t need the group collapsed, you would just leave it expanded.

How about posting visual examples of how the new features work or what they do??

  • Added the ability to create camera groups
  • Added the ability to stream multiple Wyze Cams at once through groups

Please see the Grouping section of this Support article.



This is an excellent and very useful feature, tks. And it works well with the home/away feature. I did not have any issues with grouping or setting home/away, Both of these make managing and viewing much more convenient.

I’ve been critical of the Wyze app…but this is an amazing update. Now…let’s get home/away mode in the next update :sunglasses:


Grouping is great. But there needs to be a way to quickly enlarge any one of the cameras in landscape mode maybe via double tap or tapping upper right rectangular icon.

That’s how it works on mine once I’m in group mode.
Tap two or three times about the center bottom of the picture.

I tried to tap bottom of each camera but it doesn’t bring up the large landscape view. All I see is the rectangular with arrow button which brings me to the small live view page. There should be a way to quickly bring up the large landscape view from the group. Not zooming.

You can vote for multi user geofencing here:

In the mean time, you can use IFTTT together with Life360 to accomplish this.

In landscape view (four cameras per screen), when you tap the “arrow out of the box” icon, it should bring you to full screen landscape view for that one camera. If not, please post some screenshots of what you’re seeing.