Wyze App 2.2 Launched - Camera grouping and multiple view

I absolutely LOVE the new ‘groups’ option! I had found a work around using TinyCam and now I don’t have to. Now I’ll have to show my Mom how to use it. :wink:

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Perfect! Love Wyze! Thank you for prompt reply. It works perfectly !

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This is a good step.
I would love to be able to see all of the individual cameras on the home screen, though.
I hate that grouping them removes the individual ones.


Individual camera access hasn’t been removed, you just get to them a different way after placing them in a group. Please see Grouping in the following support article.


@GaryBlakeMeister if you want access for individual cameras on the home screen, then vote for it here

I’ve been seeing this for awhile too on Wyze v2.2.38 installed on Android 8.0.0 (Samsung Galaxy S7). It’s annoying that you must do a double-tap zoom in and back out to get rid of the black border.

I have the same issue since the app update. (Android 8 / Galaxy S7)

I can see the new Sense hardware in the App, but I don’t see anyway to add them to the Shortcuts menu, under actions. Will this be in a future release? For instance, while I’m at home, I don’t really want to get all the notifications about the motion sensor or cameras, but I would like to be notified if the doors are open. Is there anyway to set this up? TIA!

Please see this thread.

Thanks for the new feature. I would love to be able to hear audio in that multi-camera view. It would be great to select one of the cameras as the ‘audio select’ while being able to view the other cameras.

Selecting one of the cameras as the audio While in Multiview Is in beta right now, probably Be out on the public app Before too long

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Thanks for the grouping.:slightly_smiling_face:

I too have a couple of properties I am monitoring and this grouping makes it so easy to view multiple cams in one location.

Now how can I group the sensors/motion detectors as well???

See grouping here

Thank you so much for the software update to allow groupings of motion sensors and contacts, in addition to cameras. You guys do an absolutely wonderful job at continually improving your products…

Thank You !

Why can’t I view my 2 cameras side by side in landscape mode? They show one on top of another and the entire right half is black. I assume this has to be a setting issue

@luke5181 Welcome to the community! To view cameras in Landscape mode, create a group. The instructions are provided in the support link below. You can have up to four cameras displayed in landscape mode at the same time after creating a group.

It stacks them like this, which makes no sense

The black space is for two more cameras. So, if there were two more cameras added to the group, they would show up just like the other two you have installed on the left. Does that make sense?

I think it does it that way because as @StopICU33 pointed out it is designed to view 4 cameras, but also if it showed 2 side by side you would then have black bars on the top or bottom, if it did side by side and stretched to fill the screen the aspect ratio would be thrown all out of whack.

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