Go directly to one camera of a group / display all cameras on home screen

In a previous beta iteration, there was an up/down arrow icon for each camera group that would expand to show thumbnails of each camera without the need to load the live multi-cam view first. The user could then go directly to a single camera view, bypassing the multi-view.

This topic is asking for this feature to be restored. I’d suggest a +/- icon instead of the up/down arrow.

Adding this feature would also allow the ability to display some camera status data in the blank space to the right of each thumbnail, such as on/off status, notification on/off, etc.

And perhaps setting a default camera for the group, user selected

I guess that would be better than what we have now, however, just adding a shortcut to the camera group with the individual cameras would be extremely simple to use. No +/- buttons or up/down arrows, just a short cut for each camera and one for the group.
That way I can simply pick a camera that I want to open or pick the icon to stream the group. The less steps or clicks the better.

@gx1844 If I understand you correctly, you would like a thumbnail for each camera under each group. The problem I see with that is with all the new products coming, the list could get very long. The earlier beta implementation allowed for the group to be collapsed to save space or expanded. I believe it did (or at least should) remember the collapsed/expanded state of each group. That would be the best of both worlds.


I guess I’m not doing a good job explaining.

What I would like to see is exactly what we have now with an additional thumbnail for the group.

As an example…I have 4 Wyze cams…I currently can open the Wyze app and see all the thumbnails of each of the cameras and then pick the one I want to open. I would think that just adding one more thumbnail of the group of cameras would be easy. That way I can easily look at all the thumbnails and choose an individual camera or the group. As the number of individual camera thumbnails grows, you could make each thmbnail smaller to fit on the screen or just allow for scrolling of the thumbnails to get to the individual or group thumbnail desired.

This would be preferable and a quicker way to get to the camera or group you desire.

Hope this explanation does a better job.

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I think I understood your intent. The problem with that description is that you would have a fixed number of thumbnails for all the cameras plus an additional for each group. So if you had 16 camera in four groups, you’d have 20 thumbnails. That’s a lot of scrolling. Add some other devices and it gets really long. Making the thumbnails smaller would only partially address this.

My solution (actually the earlier beta format) is to make each group expandable, so its cameras appear as thumbnails below the group when expanded, and hidden when collapsed. Best of both worlds. If you want them all showing, just leave all the groups expanded. I think we’re really talking about pretty much the same thing.

Bonus: they already have the code for this since it was previously this way in beta.


I guess if there must be a lot of people that have many many cameras and multiple groups. In that case…I can see your point. From my perspective…I have 4 so having 5 thumbnails (one for each camera and one for the group) would be perfect.

My suggestion would let you have exactly that and also satisfy those that don’t want to see the thumbnails of individual cameras.

@Loki that sounds great… Wonder why they scrapped that expandable group option from there actual release.


Would love to see the drop down arrow for viewing individual cameras in groups.

Love the new camera grouping, but… I’d really like to still be able to get right into a particular camera from the main screen. With the new groups, you add extra taps to get into a single camera. Can we have both our groups and the standard camera list below it? Please…

In the latest WyzeBeta update, individual camera access from grouped cameras was removed. Please bring it back. I like to view my cameras as a group sometimes, but most of the time, I only want to see one camera I’m using as a baby monitor. I don’t want to have to bring up all of my cameras in the group and then go scrolling to find the camera I want to view and tap twice on it just to bring up a single camera.


I love the new Groups feature but also wish there was quick access to individual cams. Once a group is set it replaces the individual cam selection on the homepage and requires too many steps to get to a single camera view.

Attached is a mockup of my idea for the homepage to showcase quick access to groups as well as individual cameras. Selecting a group will go to the live multi-stream of cameras in that group like it currently does. Selecting the Individual Cam tab will dropdown all cameras for quick access to each one.

Keep up the great work, Wyze team!


In the just release 2.3.x app, it’s one tap to open the camera group and only one more tap to get to the single cam view.


@Loki that’s an improvement over two taps at least haha

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I like the ability to see all my Wyze cams at once, but there’s an extra unnecessary step, in my opinion. When I open the Wyze app (android) it takes me to the Wyze Camera group Icon that I set up. Since I have all my Wyze cams on this single group, why do I need to then click on the group icon to open the video feeds to all my cameras? Seems like an extra unneeded step. I should be able to click on the Wyze app and have all my camera’s feeds be the next thing I see. From there I can click on an individual camera if need be.
I can understand if someone has multiple groups. Then it would make sense to open to the group icons first.
I realize it’s a small inconvenience, but when you need to quickly open a particular camera…time is of the essence.
How does the community feel about this?

If you leave the app on the group camera view when you jump to another app, it should still be on the group camera view when you come back to it, as long as you haven’t force-quit the app in the mean time.

Yes, I understand that, but I want the app to always open to the group view (all the cameras live feed) not to the group Icon.

I think I understand. You want to always open in group view when there’s only one group even if the app has been reset. I was only trying to point out that until that gets implemented (if it does), if you leave the app in group view, it should return there when you return to the app.

I appreciate the help, but I never leave apps running in the background that I can turn off when not using them.
It would seem to me to be a simple matter of changing the app to point directly to the group view rather than the group icon when I click on Wyze.