New Camera Grouping Feature is Rad, but

I love having all the streams rocking live on one screen, thank you for that!

But for the love of Zues, how do I select a single feed so I have all the capabilities, tools, and configuration options to mess with!?!?! I tried everything, except of course the one thing that would have worked.

Sooooo, I’ve given up, back on the sauce, you win, I’m a beaten put away wet, a mere shadow of my former self!

I hit rock bottom… I’m all washed up!!!

It’s kinda dark down here… and sorta smells like old mayonnaise… and hot dog burps… Soo could ya help out a fella who’s down-on-his-luck?.. Maybe tell me that one thing I didn’t try that would make it work?

Maybe help get this train back on the tracks…

Get this parade back on the right route?

Maybe even make this Wyze user great again??


go back to the groups. where you would have your group name listed but no video feeds. . click on the down symbol to the left of the group name and all the individual cameras show up. choose your camera there and you will have just that individual camera feed and all the settings and everything you need.


When I read your suggestion, I was like “Whatever, bro, you’re wrong. Mine is broken, you don’t know!”

I will concede to you only these facts!

  1. You were right
  2. Mine wasn’t broken
  3. You did know




glad to help :slight_smile:

it seems there have been a few people to overlooked those arrows. so you’re not alone.


I agree that it would be nice if there was single point access to the full camera interface. Eliminate the down arrows and make it so when you double tap on one camera in the group view, it takes you to the full single camera view for that camera instead of the limited single cam view that now exists in landscape orientation.

MOD NOTE: As this is a beta only feature for now, this topic has been moved to the #beta section.


How about a + sign to expand the group, which changes to a - to close the group. That’s the way it works in email and file apps.

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Also, I just realized you guys also fixed the zoom feature on the Android app. THANKS!

I like the plus sign idea a lot.

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