Grouping Dilemma

Is it possible in the near future with the new grouping option to add one camera to multiple groups? Say I want an “All Cameras Group” and a “Front yard Group” and one camera can go into both groups would this be possible later?


BTW great work guys. Just ordered an additional camera and will be sure to order more as the need arises. Connectivity is still a pain though to a point but I am blaming most of that on Straighttalks crap service. And my crap modem from suddenlink. Hopefully soon once everything is fixed I will have no connectivity issues.

I noticed the same limitation and see real benefit to allowing a single camera to be in multiple groups for just this reason.

There are times i want to just look around the house/property while away, and other times i may only want to see the downstairs cameras, or all the exterior door cameras, or so on.

+1 for this be considered as part of this or a future release. (I vote current as this is a real limitation in how I would use grouping, but alas I am but one user. :slight_smile: )

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this is a great idea

Another problem I found with grouping is that once you have a camera in a group, you can’t change it’s settings until you remove it from the group again.

@Wrecks0, have you tried expanding the group with the down arrow to the left of the group name? You should be able to go into each camera and change settings after you do that. :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to wait until I get home to my Fire tablet and see.

I just had to explain this to someone else. maybe that down arrow could be changed to something a little more user friendly.

I looked last night. The down arrow is there, but it’s incredibly tiny compared to everything else on my tablet. It might have something to do with my tablet font size setting. I have it set to Huge.

Could you possibly take a screenshot and post it here? It would also be helpful for Wyze to know which tablet and OS version. :slight_smile:

More micro images to go with micro fonts? Great.

@DreadPirateRush Can someone add the request to add the same camera to multiple groups to the wishlist? I tried to add it myself but it keeps promoting me “category cannot be blank.” I already chose wishlist but it doesn’t work. I can’t post any new threads to the wishlist forum.

UGH, @Loki and @CaptainMark. Any ideas?

This is a known issue right now that we’re working on. It doesn’t do any good for @DreadPirateRush or I to try since our mod privileges override the need for category approval. Stay tuned.


@Loki thanks for the update.

The “Category can’t be blank” problem on posting to #wishlist has been fixed.

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