Sharing Device Groups

Hey guys,

I recently went on vacation for a week and shared my cameras with my mother in law who watched over the house while we were out of town. She also has a Wyze “puppy” cam.

Having 8 cameras it was cumbersome to select and share each camera individually. Perhaps there is a way to “share all” or select each cam
You’d like to share and then click “share” vs having to send a request for each individual camera.

I’m happy to test Beta software and hardware, and will continue to share ideas as I have them!


@lpb0527 this is actually a good idea. I haven’t shared any cameras yet, but I understand what you mean. this would actually be a good roadmap topic to vote on. @Loki or @mixonepa could you help out and move this over to roadmap please?




You beat me to it. :laughing:


Just a quick update; I join test flight and I’m now actively participating in Beta test.

I can’t say whether this is current or Beta software but I received a notification that all my cameras needed an update. I was directed to a page that allowed me to press a button to “update all cameras”.

This same format/coding should be used for sharing cameras.


It would be really useful if you could create a bulb group and be able to share the whole group. After setting up the lights in the house, I had to share each bulb individually with my brother, and then he had to create his own groups of bulbs himself. Sharing a bulb group would be extremely convenient


I have 6 groups in 2 different locations, same as above I share all of the devices with my wife and now need to group all of the devices on her phone. It would be a lot easier to just share an entire group with her rather than the time it takes to create them.


After getting our scale today I needed to share it with my wife who up until now hasn’t had her own account and was just using mine to look at the cams and lights.

I had to go in and share every device I have. When trying to share the lights I have grouped together in the front of my house I didn’t an option to share the group. I can assume this is true of any group you create.

Being able to share groups needs to be implemented.

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We are using Wyze cameras and sensors to give residents of multi-unit buildings better awareness of their surroundings. At the moment we have to share cameras individually, which is tedious to say the least.

It would be very helpful if we could share cameras by property grouping, even if the function served only to populate or remove people from the lists on individuals cameras.

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Be aware, that right now when one of your shared camera users changes a setting, it changes that setting for all users. Like notifications, if one turns off notifications, it turns it off for everyone, even the main user.

It is on the Wyze radar for have adjustable permissions per shared user, go here and vote or just to read up. Good luck!


Add the ability to share an entire group with a user(s).

In group settings, provide the ability to Share. The receiving user will automatically get a new group in their account with all associated cameras or smart devices.

Subsequent removals or additions of devices to that group would automatically become available to the user(s) the group was shared.


I can’t believe this feature is missing. Eggs users are going to have serious issues if bulb groups are being set up manual in each device. The groups might not match (different bulbs in different groups) and therefore cause frustration for end-users when they set up conflicting rules.

This should be fixed. Is there any update to the feature request. I would like to up vote it.

Sharing a bulb group (or outlet group, etc.) is the feature I’m looking for as well. A big incentive for using Wyze is one app to control many smart devices in the same ecosystem. Sharing a group would continue to leverage the tech investments made and make it easier for other users to whom I share devices.

Adding to a later comment, managing permissions would go well with group sharing. Share a device group with others to use, but not change the configuration. Device/Group user vs. admin.

Since this Wishlist item is already almost three years old, I wonder if it will become a reality.