Go directly to one camera of a group / display all cameras on home screen

This is asking the same lines but there is a glitch in programming of the app. If you have a group it connects to all of the cameras but then if you click the individual cameras in that group it has to create a new connection instead of using the existing connection. This should be fixed so it uses the same stream because it causes delay and usually an error.

There is actually a valid reason why it renegotiates the connection. When viewing cameras in a group, they are all at 360p. When you select any single camera in that group, it then re-connects at the quality setting configured for that particular camera. I’m not sure why it doesn’t check if it’s already set at 360p or not, but that’s the reason. :slight_smile:

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I can understand it needing to change the stream but we renegotiate vs adjust stream. Also doesn’t explain why it fails to connect. I usually have to wait a while before reconnecting.

When you click on the item in the group view and it has to reconnect the stream, at which step is it sticking on of the 3 steps. If it is step 3 it is most likely due to the increased amount of data between the 360 feed and the HD feed.

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It fails at step 2. I have set the stream to 360p so there isn’t a change in quality. My thoughts are it is failing because it is not accepting a second connection request due to an existing one being open. If I give it time for maybe session to expire then it will connect as long as I just reload the connection and not start over.

That is definitely not the expected behavior. I would recommend contacting support. They may have you run an app called “RouteThis Helps”, to analyze your network. I would highly recommend doing that, because my ISP has used that several times for my network issues, and have helped me to resolve them.

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