Camera view at first click


I would prefer when first opening app to view all cameras every time I click on wyze icon. For example if I receive a notification of movement in 1 camera, I would like to click on wyze icon and view all cameras at once, lets say i had 9 cameras, i would like a 9 camera view. Instead of clicking through options to get to view cameras
Then after have the menu for other options.

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If you leave the app on a camera view page, it will return to that page when you return to the app. Just don’t force quit the app between uses.

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Nice tip @Loki. I hadn’t noticed that before. It works for individual cams and group view, at least on IOS.

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Do you mean you would like your list of cameras displayed before other hardware, plugs, bulbs… ?
If so, the list can be arranged by tapping the pencil icon on the top right of the screen and choosing Edit devices. You can drag items up/down the list.

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I mean i want regular behavior to be this. Every instance of clicking on wyze icon. I want all cameras displayed. One full screen of cameras.

To me, that would be a great widget.


Only option I can think of for that is to create one group with all your cams in it. But you still have two clicks, I assume. Haven’t actually done only one group myself.

I have a camera group already. I still have to click a few times to get to my cameras. I guess i want 2 new options. 1st 1 click on wyze to open cameras and 2nd would be able to see all cameras in phone screen at once.

All cameras at once is very subjective. Do you have 2 cameras or 30? :slight_smile:
As it is if your cameras are grouped you can see 4 ata a time (landscape) and swipe to the next 4.

I guess i would want to be able to change my number of camera views to my preference. I have 7 Wyze cameras. I have another camera system. I can set views up to 16 cameras at once. I’m gonna try to upload screenshots of it.

I’m not able to do what you described on Android… Does this only work on iOS? I would be nice to be able to do this on Android too.

@tomp Creating one group could work but then if you want to create more groups then we can’t add the same device to multiple groups unfortunately.

Create a Group, then add the cams to that Group

Example … (my Home page cropped)

I know you can do what said. I know of no way to put 16 on the screen simultaneously thru the Wyze app. Would be doable with the Webcam Firmware and another software app, but you lose the Wyze features.

Yes, I’m on iOS. I don’t have an Android device.

I do have a group set up. The current limit to cameras on 1 screen is 4 cameras. I would like to see an option to see all my cameras at once. The screenshots i posted for example when in landscape will show cameras only but if i click once on screen cam features screen slides up. When in portrait mode it will show cam features like on my second screenshot.

This should be moved to wish list. Don’t know how to. I can’t upload more screenshots to show options.

Here’s the #wishlist topic for that: