Easy, fast switching between cameras

Please implement an option to have a list of icons representing our other cameras appear somewhere on on the screen so that we can easily switch between cameras by touching the icons, instead of having to back out and select another camera, which is slow and annoying. When viewing in full screen it is even worse because we have to back out twice in order to select another camera.

Have you grouped any cameras? To see more than one live at a time. Once you view a group of cameras, turn the device to landscape mode and it will now show a quad view of your cameras 4 at a time.

I think the OP is asking for a persistent row of cam icons displayed on the Live Stream view. Selecting the icon will take the viewer directly to a different desired Live Stream. I’d vote for it only if the display of icons is an option in cam settings. My Live Stream view would become obscured/cluttered with the amount of cams I’m running.

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I like your goal and will vote for it. But prefer a different implementation: Arrows and/or Swiping

In the tinyCam app for example, you can just swipe through all the camera live views with the flick of a finger. It is insanely useful! :grinning:

Wyze could have the arrows or just swipe on the video window. In fact I use the swiping between Wyze events feature so much that I often find myself repeatedly trying to swipe between Live Stream views. :rage:

I presume there is some memory/CPU/network issue that allows NVR systems to do fast switching between cameras like this, but not Wyze??

Or maybe I have missed something completely?

I like and am used to swiping also. But if you have a lot of cams, sequentially swiping from the 1st cam to the last cam takes longer than backing out, swiping at the group-level and selecting the last cam.


Excellent point. I am most used to smaller groups of cams - less than ten or so.

And swipability would definitely not preclude any other method of cam navigation!


I use the fastest (and most expensive) method of navigation… run multiple displays of groups. :upside_down_face:

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I like the idea that when I viewing on camera on fullscreen I should have the option to swipe to the next camera. If someone who shouldn’t be on your property was walking around and moved out of the frame of one camera you could swipe to the next camera to continue watching.


Not but so portable, but yes, that would be the obvious and ideal solution! :grinning:

And I have done exactly that with other cam software… :+1:

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I like the method of having a pulldown menu or a grid/list of icons or camera names to choose from, upon touching or maybe even long-pressing a specific location on the screen. The operation should work whether in full-screen mode or reduced-screen mode, and operation should return to the same mode with the newly selected camera.

A swiping mode would also be nice, but as has been noted, could be cumbersome when there are “too many” cameras.

Thanks to OP for posting this, I was about to post myself but luckily found this thread first. Cumbersome camera selection is my biggest single daily-use issue with the app, I think ;).

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How about a single tiny icon on one of the top corners of the screen that expands/collapses a list of tiny icons representing all of your other cameras in the group in a column on the side of the screen

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That would be great if I could manage the number and screen position of the tiny icons and the also manage the content and order of each list.

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Good Morning Wyze!

Would it be possible to add the ability to swipe between the cameras while in full screen view? For example, we have Lorex cameras and within their App, we can open one camera full screen and then just swipe the screen to jump the next camera. In the Wyze App, we have to keep going back to the camera list.

Thank you in advance! We love everything WYZE!! <3

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In the Wyze app, it would be really handy to be able to swipe left or right to switch between cameras when in the live view whether in portrait mode or full screen/landscape mode. Also, maybe a live view of multiple cameras in a tile view, with the option to select 1,2,4,6, etc tiles and choose which cam feeds which tile. But def the swipe thing. :slight_smile:

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When you have multiple cams in tinyCam Pro ($4) and are viewing a single camera, short-swiping left or right and HOLDING reveals a scrollable list of all cams (thumbnails) from which you can select one and RELEASE to go directly to that cam.

It has some extra logic programmed-in that would be difficult (for me) to explain but reveals itself after using the function for a while.

You can also specify (for instance) cam groups of 3 (portrait) or 4 (landscape) and swipe left/right between them with ease. Dev’s guidance (and my experience) is that reliable, steady streaming of 3-4 cams in a group is a practical limit of the cam/firmware technology itself.

The interface BLEEDS features/enhancements designed and implemented by a smart, super-advanced USER of the app and cams. It is a pleasure to use.


It would be great to be able to swipe left and right between cams in a cam group or other devices that are in a group. we can swipe left/right in events for a cam so the same code would apply to this solution. I have 4 views around my house. IN live view, I would liek to just swipe left/right around the house rather than go back up a level.

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