New Beta App released, new changes on the camera multiple view

Hope you are having a great weekend. We just roll out a new 2.2 Beta App, and according to the feedback from the previous Beta version, we let the user access individual camera when in multiple views. Hope you will enjoy the new version and look forward to your feedback on the latest change. Thank you very much.

iOS 2.2.35

  • Support individual camera access for grouped cameras
  • Removed the individual camera access in Home page if it’s already in the camera group
  • Fixed some issues may cause App crash

Android 2.2.30

  • Support individual camera access for grouped cameras
  • Removed the individual camera access in Home page if it’s already in the camera group

Individual camera access from the group is an improvement. I wish the 2nd tap could be anywhere to go to the individual camera though.

Thank you! This was the main feature I asked for…

Other than not being able to access the individual camera details from the group view, the prior version UI felt better. A couple things I liked in the prior version that have changed in iOS 2.2.35:

  • Being able to view the cameras of the group on the home page (expanding the group). Removed in 2.2.35. Sometimes I want to jump to one of the cameras, directly, and would leave the group expanded on the home page.
  • Allowing the double tap anywhere, instead of having to pause and then do the 2nd tap at the bottom center (as it is in 2.2.35, now). [As @Rich3764 mentioned.]
  • I also liked the larger landscape view that one could scroll between the cameras of a group. That plus being able to jump to the individual camera details (just added in 2.2.35) would also be nice to have back.

I seem to be stuck on 2,2,19
How does one upgrade?

Are you an Android or iOS user? For iOS, can you check Test flight to see if you can download the latest version?

Android user, and just joined the beta last week.

I’m on Android 2.2.30 and have similar feedback to jeffk. I generally preferred the UX on the previous version, with a few exceptions.

I liked being able to go directly to an individual camera rather than an additional step through the group.

I liked being able to double tap to open up a single camera, but would like to have the camera controls accessible in doing so (as in the current version). The open icon now available after tapping doesn’t work consistently (sometimes I have to try 4-5 times) and is not as simple as the double tap even if it worked consistently.

I would like to be able to double tap in either portrait view or landscape view (similar to 2.2.30 but simple double tap). Because the portrait view doesn’t actually make the camera image larger, it would be interesting if the double tap would select the camera (rather than going to individual view) and enable controls like pinch, pan, audio, etc.

One zoomed, swipe was a nice quick nav method in the older version of the beta app. Consider bringing this back in some form.

This. I’m glad we can now open the full camera view for an individual camera, but 90% of the time I only want to view my live camera feeds, sometimes zooming in on one camera for a larger view. The other 10% of the time I know which camera I want to view and don’t want to have to wait for all my other cameras to connect and load before I can double-tap to expand the one I want.

Ideally, I’d like to see this:

  • Go back to the old expandable group view where you can see the cameras in the group and tap an individual camera, or tap the whole group to open all at once
  • Go back to the old multiple camera view where double-tapping anywhere makes that camera fullscreen, but on the first tap the new Open icon appears at the bottom that you can tap to open the full camera view

This would retain 100% of the old functionality without interfering at all with the new functionality.


Multiview but I can see live 3 cameras at a time even though I chose a group of 6 cameras. Can we get a layout for cameras ???

I like it except for having to do 2 taps to get into an individual camera once in the all camera live view mode. It would be a lot more intuitive to do a single tap anywhere on the camera footage to go into that camera.


That’s a VERY nice improvement: being able to go directly to the full single cam view from multi view in both screen orientations.

I agree with others that double-tapping to get to that view would be preferable to the slide up button.

I also agree it would be nice for certain use-cases to keep the V button (maybe change it to a + ) to allow jumping between cameras in different groups.

Finally, one more thing… It would be nice to have night vision auto/on/off control in the slide in controls in landscape in addition to having it in portrait.

Like a couple of others, I preferred the double tap to bring up one camera from within the group. Being able to control the camera settings after selecting one camera out of a group is an improvement. But PLEASE bring back the ability to scroll between cameras within a group with a horizontal swipe.

The other one I would love to be able to have a camera in more than one group. For example have a group that has cameras 1, 2, 3, & 4; and another group with cameras 1, 3, 6, & 7.

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Having the same problem selecting individual camera view. First try usually ends up opening an event video that was previously viewed. Then have to back out to group and reselect individual camera to get it to work. Android v2.2.30

I prefer the old UI … do not remove the list of cams if grouping exists … as not everyone would want to launch the grouped cams all at once … I would want to quickly view a single cam most of the times …

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On the app version I have (2.2.19) I can view the group or select a drop down of the cameras in the group and then view individual cams.

There is a way to satisfy the requests that I’ve seen. Allow a camera to be in more than one group, and allow a group with only one camera to show up the old way, so you can select that camera directly.

Someone who wants to see an individual cameras as well as the groups can assign each camera to its own group, as well as having that camera in another group.

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Latest beta app 2.2.30 removes the drop down arrow to show available cams if they are all added to a group …

Ohhh, the group view is NICE. Just what I wanted to see!! :smile: Just need a way to add the same cam to multiple groups and keep the individual cams in the HOME area too (with my created groups).

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New to the beta group. I posted some comments under the new beta firmware release that should probably be moved to the new beta app post.

But I have a question about multiple view.

On my elderly iphone 5c … multiple live view works great if I group my three cameras into one group called “inside” and then access the inside group. I can then view individual camera by clicking the icon.

But on my opening WYZE app screen, I no longer see thumbnails of my three V2 cameras … only the option to click on INSIDE, where I then see all three cameras.

Question 1:

Should I still be seeing thumbnails for my three cameras on the opening WYZE app screen? I don’t. Only the option to access the INSIDE group.

Question 2:

I dearly love the Multiple Live view of my three cameras … is there any App setting that would allow the App to immediately open to a Multiple Live View of my INSIDE three cameras?

If users had multiple camera groups set up, it would be slick if they could select the group they wanted to view first as the default.

It seems a bit awkward to have to open the app, and then open the group, before I see my three cameras.

Hope my question and comments are clear. I hope to add something to the beta group.