Group view to single feed transition

ok, so. I know this Beta is merely “hours” old but I wanted to put a thought into some of the beta users head and hopefully the Dev’s heads as well.

when you go into Multiview and are viewing all the cameras in that group, currently you have to go back out to the groups page and use the dropdown arrow to get to that single feed you want.

given any number of scenario’s it would be nice from the Multiview page to be able to click on a single feed without the need to go back and do the dropdown and transition into that feed only. say you saw something on one cameras and wanted to talk to someone on that feed before they scurry through the room. by the time you go back, drop down, and load that single view they might already be out of frame and thus the possibility is null.

if you could just transition from Multiview to single feed by clicking on a part of that feed it would greatly simplify the UI

so far there have been a few beta testers to overlook the dropdown arrow to access individual feeds and thought they lost access to individual cameras and settings. this would solve this hours old dilemma. :sunglasses:

because this is a Beta version I am not going to make a post in roadmap for votes just because the majority of readers wont understand the post.


Actually this can be done by double tapping any of individual feeds in the multi-view window as-long-as your device is in landscape mode. Double tapping will bring up that individual feed, double tapping again will return you to multi-view feed. Unfortunately, this does not apply to portrait mode.


I was unaware of this. I will definitely be trying this when I get out of work. thanks for the tip

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Unfortunately, the double tap does not get you to a fully capable single feed view. It takes you to a view with no controls and one you can’t zoom.

It sure would be nice if there was only one (full) single camera view.

I’d suggest the follow:

  1. Remove the down arrow entirely

  2. In Portrait,
    a) tap the group name to expand
    b) double tap one cam to go to FULL single cam view (the same view you currently get from the down arrow
    c) rotate from there gets you to FULL single cam landscape view

  3. In Landscape,
    a) Initially show all four cams
    b) double tap gets you to FULL single cam landscape view
    c) rotate from there gets you to 2b above.
    d) double tap from single view gets you to multi view in both orientations

  4. Swiping: since swiping also control panning in full single cam view, either eliminate swiping between cams. Or make it so a long press on a single cam makes in “shrink” and become swappable to the next cam. Users would quickly learn to just swipe to pan, or hold-swipe to change cams.

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I like those ideas!

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Totes agree, we can’t take pictures/video, can’t pan/tilt, it’s kind of locked down and frustrating to the point where i’m just going to put it the other way for now i think.

that’s a great start! if it’s not in the roadmap to double tap while in portrait, maybe an on-screen message when a double tap is registered while in portrait. also, we can’t take pics or videos still :frowning: or pan/tilt, can we? am i missing something?

the reason I didn’t post this in roadmap is because I was speaking only about features in Beta. once it is in production it would be ripe for a roadmap post and I will more than likely tag a moderator to move it there when that time comes ( if its not already implemented by then) but in using the Beta I noticed this was a small snag I kept running into and wondered if anyone else had felt the need for this feature like I did.