Small display in landscape

I’m not sure if this has been reported yet, but if you select a group while in landscape the app gets a bit confused and results in a smaller display.

To get it to display normally you must load the group in portrait mode, then rotate the device, which can be annoying if your device is in a dock or cradle.

My app (IOS) will not rotate to landscape at all from main (home) screen. When I select a group or an individual cam it works fine.

Not sure mine will not open that way I have to go to it then turn the device.

Same on Android, I just meant if you have the phone in landscape as you select the group from the (portrait) home screen. Individual feeds work fine, but groups appear to bounce between portrait & landscape a couple of times then stick in a smaller window view…at least for me.

Seems to be fixed it latest update.

Nice job team!