Landscape bug?

Latest firmware and iOS apps. I have one CamPan and 3 V2 cams.
I have a group of the four cams and if I view them in landscape mode and then click on any cam and then swipe up, it moves the screen up. If I do this in portrait mode and then move my phone to landscape it functions as it should.
I noticed this when trying to go to the CamPan and then trying to move the camera and instead the screen view moves upward.
Can anyone else try to see if this happens to them as well?

I’m having trouble understanding how you initially get in landscape mode without doing it from portrait mode. When I first run the app in landscape mode on my iPhone, it displays the cams sideways in what would normally be portrait mode. I have to right the phone and bring it back to landscape mode to get the normal landscape presentation, which is where you say it works properly (and does for me too).

So just need to know how you get in landscape mode initially without doing it from portrait mode.

I may not have described it too well, let me try again.
I have a group of four cams and once I click the group(I’m still using portrait mode at this point), I then turn my phone and it displays them all in landscape. From there if I click on a single camera it loads up in landscape. But if I then swipe up it moves the entire display of the camera up and off the screen.
It doesn’t move the display up if I go from the group cam display, click an individual camera and then turn my phone to landscape.

Looks like I can confirm what you are seeing. Interesting. It also doesn’t move up if after it does that you simply rotate your phone to portrait and back to landscape. @WyzeGwendolyn – bug report.

I concur and can also reproduce this based on @peek’s 2nd description. It seems to only happen if you follow the full sequence of steps, but not any other way of arriving in single-camera landscape view.

Here’s what the screen looks like:

It should never look like that.

That all being said, this is not something that we should be reporting to @WyzeGwendolyn here on the forum, but rather submitting as a support request so that the bug can get documented.

Support Request. In this case an App Log would be beneficial.

I’ll submit one and hope you two do also.

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I would like to say that turning my phone to make landscape and views group of 4 cameras at once is a normal thing to do. And then clicking on one of my Campans and wanting to move it would be a normal function .
And it worked fine until I upgraded to the app version right before the person detection update.

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Just to be clear, I do agree there’s a bug and that it needs to be fixed.


Yeah, please send this in to the team! :slight_smile:

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In the few weeks I’ve been using Wyze products, I’ve become I think pretty knowledgeable and have played with the system quite a bit – I now have 4 V2’s, 2 Cam Pans, and a Sense starter kit.
Embarassingly I don’t know how to go about sending in a bug report to the team. Could @WyzeGwendolyn or @Loki maybe help me out and send it in? :slight_smile:

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In this case, you should send it in via the app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report a Problem. This will let you include the app logs, which could be helpful. It would also be helpful if you could attach a screenshot (similar to mine above).

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