Auto rotate iPad to landscape

It used to be easy to auto rotate my camera views on my iPad to Landscape prior to previous updates. Now I have to pick my iPad up and tilt up then down again to get it to show all 4 camera feeds in landscape mode.
Has anyone found a fix for this.

My pet peeve as well and I don’t know a fix. Hope Wyze addresses this problem.

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Are you talking about cameras in groups or a single camera? My iPad will rotate live view to landscape if I tap the box on the upper right corner. I don’t have groups.

I’m talking groups. The group viewing has been butchered in the 2.38.3 and beyond.

Here is the old group view:

and here is the new;

Also when selecting a single camera view from group, hitting the back button takes you to single portrait view instead back to group view, then you have to rotate the device, go back and select (again) the group view. Annoying and dis functional, to say the least.

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Habib, You nailed it. Additionally I’d appreciate the black borders back. It was great the way it was. Now it’s needing to go back.
Will this ever get fixed. It’s been mentioned before and seems to be getting ignored.

There was a feature way back that when you get a notification and go to view it you were able to use a slider to go back to the beginning to see what triggered the notification. The slider was removed, and now you have to wait until the motion is finished to go back. Totally useless. They never brought the slider back.

So, having said that, I highly doubt it that this issue will ever get resolved.

I’m hoping you are wrong with your comment, but I’m too new at this to agree or disagree with you. Hopefully others will express their opinions here.

Only time will tell :wink: