Button and/or Auto rotate screen

I wish for a button and a screen rotate automatically when I open to a list of my camera and select one, when the ipad is already in landscape mode. Yes, yes, yes, its very nice that we can pick it up, turn it back to portrait, then landscape again to get landscape view. But I want to be able to shift between cameras more easily. I want to see the list in the screen orientation i.e., landscape when I open the app camera list and the ipad is in landscape.

Give me that, or give me a button on the camera list screen and on the opened camera full screen view so I can press it to rotate the screen either back to portrait or landscape.

And since we are on the subject, why do the buttons, the arrows have to be so small? Make them bigger, to help our fat fingers.

Of course, THANK U

Make sure you vote for your request as the system does not automatically add your vote

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Thank you for that reminded. But I am a scalawag. I was going to vote or attempt to vote for it anyway/ lol

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