Missing Direction Control in app

Hello everyone! I just set up 3 cam V2 cameras yesterday and everything is working great except I’m trying to figure out how to rotate them from the app. What I’m seeing in my app does not match what is in the user guide. I’m missing the direction control pad. Is there an option that I’m not seeing to fix that? Or is that feature not available on the cam v2? Please help!

You talking about the pan and tilt controls for the pan cam?

I am talking about those features but for the cam V2. The little cube looking camera.

The v2 doesn’t have pan and tilt capability. Here is a screen of my app controls with a v2 vs a Pan Cam. To re aim the V2 it has to be done manually.

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Oh man… I thought that feature was available on both. Oh well!

Thank you so much for the quick response! :slight_smile:

Those controls operate the motors on the pan cam. They are also cool cameras that you should look into to see if they would be beneficial to your setup.

Glad I could help! :smile: