Power issue on Pan cam

So one of my Pan Cams totaled stopped working. Received the replacement one today.

Took the broken one apart to see why it would not work. Found the black and white wires that go from the rotating base to the circuit board so twisted, that the black wire had broken. Simple issue but a design flaw on power routing. See picture where the wire broke and you can see the badly twisted black/white wires. Broken wire

Question: on the V2 there is a physical stop that prevents the cam from being turned 360. I haven’t taken apart a Pan Cam (yet) so I don’t know-is there a physical stop in the Pan it or do you think it’s software driven?

I didn’t see anything that would physically stop it. It looks like it kept rotating and made the wires so tight that 3 of the 4 snapped.

That’s what it looked like to me also. I’ve seen this reported earlier on the forum but never saw any definitive resolution.
Shoot, now I’m going to want to take apart one of my Pan cams!

Those 4 wires from the micro usb plug to circuit board a tiny. I was able to solder them back together and got the cam working again.