Pan Cam V2 - Stop Working

I recently bought 2 Pan Cam V2, loved it and about 2 weeks ago both can stop working. I’ve gotten both cam mounted on the wall. And 1 on them is fixed meaning it doesn’t move. While the other one I had them in the middle of the room Sao that it can pan for a clearer picture on both sides of the room. At first I thought it was just because I’ve overworked it by making it pan left and right all the time. But the very next day the second Pan Cam that was fixed in 1 location doesn’t work anymore as well. Please help.

I bought one from petsmart that bricked on me. Wyze replaced it. Now this new one has a different issue on a boot loop. I suspect its the Wyze ACDC🤘 adapter that outputs 5V. I’m gonna try a samsung adapter that outputs 5.3V. Not sure if that makes much of a difference, on top of powering the camera, it also has to power two motors. I have included a picture of the inside of the original. You can clearly see the two motors and a few build flaws. The arrow on the left points to the wires that go through a moving gear, that are not protected from rubbing against it while the cam pans horizontal. The right arrow is to the infamous zip tie. I’ll report back on the boot loop issue. In the mean time, please contact wyze and have them both replaced. Of course, new cam, new issue.

1 hour, so far so go on the 5.3V adapter.