Pan Stopped Working

So my pan stopped working on one of my PTZ cams. Tilt, zoom, mic, connectivity, firmware upgrade, everything else works as it should. It’s just the pan that stopped working. I’ve tried to control it from my Android and my wife’s iPhone and it won’t budge. I’ve made sure that it’s on a level, hard surface and that it’s been power cycled and that didn’t help. I’ve even left it off for several hours. When I initiate the pan from the app I hear nothing from the cam. I was thinking that I might hear a gear try to turn but I don’t even here a click.


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Are you using the power block and cable that came with the cam or a different setup? The pan requires more power than a V2-the power block that comes with it is different in output than the V2 and different length after market cables don’t always work due to voltage drop.

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Another possibility is that the ‘stopper’ that keeps the Pan from rotating 360 degrees broke and the Pan rotated too far winding the wires from the motor up until one broke. This has been reported by other users. But before you take your camera apart to check, try Wyze support. They may just send you a new one.

You can start a Support Request here



I am using the supplied cable and power adapter from Wyze.

OK, thx