Cam Pan Just died

My wyze cam pan just stopped working. I have tested the usb power supply and the usb cable, Both are working. I tried flashing it by downloading the latest firmware. I get no lights or anything.
Any clue?
Its a Model: WYZECP1

“How” did you test those?? Hook up to another Wyze? Checked with a multimeter?

First I would check with Wyze or wherever you bought it to see if they will replace it under warranty. If thats not an option you might want to open it up. Several folks on here have reported the wires inside twisted until they broke. Sometimes this was due to the physical “stops” breaking off and sometimes just lots of motion.

If your handy you may be able to rewire it etc. But considering the price I would likely just replace it.


Yes, it is out of warranty so I will more than likely open it up and see what if anything is going on inside.
Thanks for the reply.

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